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  • Benefits of a Weighted Vest


    Dumbbells and weight machines aren’t the only way to add resistance to your workouts.  A weighted vest is a great way to help you build extra strength, stamina, and tone your muscles.  

    Weighted vests are an easy way to increase the intensity of your favorite workouts once they are no longer challenging. By adding the extra intensity you can power through a plateau and further tighten and tone your trouble areas with the extra resistance. 

    Fixed weights are perfect if you have a standard routine and just want to increase your stamina or power so you can perform better in sports or in a race.  Adjustable weighted vests are always a good option if you are looking to increase and lower the intensity to match your fitness goals.

    Look below to discover the weighted vest that will pull you out of a plateau and keep you on track to reach your fitness, strength and stamina goals! 


    Do weighted vests work?

    Yes!  Depending on what your goals are, there are many benefits you will see from using a weighted vest that include:

    • Boosting Your Cardiovascular System
    • Improving Your Endurance
    • Developing and Toning Your Muscles
    • Improving Your Bone Strength
    • Developing Your Core Strength
    • Increased Weight Loss

    Do weighted vests build muscle?

    Yes!  By fatiguing your muscles by adding more resistance using a weighted vest, your body will respond by building your muscle mass.

      Is it OK to wear a weighted vest all day?

      No, it is not recommended to wear a weighted vest all day. If you do, you are going to have very sore shoulders, neck, lower back, and leg muscles. Depending on your situation, it can also cause damage to your body. If you do want to wear a weighted vest all day, consult a licensed medical professional first.

        Do weighted vests make you faster?

        Yes, a weighted vest can help increase your ground speed for running when used correctly!  When you run with a weighted vest, your body adapts to the resistance, so when you take the vest off your body is able to run much more efficiently and faster.


          How do I choose a weighted vest?

          You need to ask yourself these questions:

          • Does it fit?

            Most vests are one size fits all and you just adjust the shoulder or waist strap.  A weighted vest should sit on your shoulders snugly and be tight enough that it is hard to put your fingers under it.  If you have a bigger or smaller body type than normal, it is recommended to check the manufacturer specs before shopping.


            • What’s the minimum and maximum weight of a vest? 

            You can find virtually all weights so instead of looking for minimums and maximums focus on your fitness goals. A good starting point for buying a weighted vest is by buying one that is about 5% to 10% of your total body weight. Eventually, you can build up to 20% to 25% of your bodyweight.  Do not buy a vest that is higher than your starting weight should be and always consult a licensed professional first.


            • Can you increase the weight?

            Yes, some vests have built in weights that can’t be removed but you can add to it. If you plan on increasing and decreasing weights regularly then you may want to purchase an adjustable weighted vest from the start. This way you can adjust as you workout or as you reach your next plateau. 

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