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  • 9 Great Gift Ideas for Fit Fathers


    Father’s Day Gift Guide

    It’s almost Father’s Day – do you know what you’re giving your dad? Don’t let it sneak up on you, leaving you to run to the nearest store Sunday morning for a pair of socks or cheesy tie.

    After all, this is the man who taught you how to ride a bicycle and throw a football; he sweated on the bleachers during your sports games, braved teaching you how to drive a car, and explained how to save money. He either taught you how to be a man, or how to stay away from them.Father and son grasping hands on beach

    Despite your ups and downs, tough moments of discipline, and some disagreements along the way, he’ll always be one of the most important people in your life. So don’t wait until the last minute to buy him a gift  - put some thought into it and show him how much he means to you!

    We’ve made it easy for you by compiling some of our favorite products for men who love fitness, the outdoors, and staying healthy. Whether he’s young or old, your father will love these gifts that will make him feel his best!

    Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

    One of our most popular products with men, this doorway pull-up bar has 12 different grips for various positions to sculpt the upper body and core. Great for pull-ups, chin-ups, and leg raises. The sturdy steel build is perfect for home gyms and men of any age. A full back workout for $29.99.Father's Day Gift Guide - Buy pull-up bar | multi-grip chin-up bar

    Omnia Sports Towel

    Does your dad love camping, fishing, or going to the beach? Give him this super-absorbent, quick-drying microfiber bath towel to make life easier! It’s 6-feet long for full coverage, yet is compact when rolled or folded for simple packing and easy travel - just $12.99! Father's Day Gift Guide - Buy sports towel | Microfiber travel towel

    Xtreme Power Resistance Bands Set

    Some men scoff at resistance bands, thinking they’re too easy. These Xtreme bands were made for those guys! A set of three bands ranging from 20-50 pounds can be easily clipped together for up to 120 pounds of resistance. They’re also great for older men with sensitive joints or who struggle lifting heavy weights at the gym. The 8-piece set is a steal at $25.99. Father's Day Gift Guide - Buy resistance bands | resistance bands for men

    Arched Back Stretcher

    Whether his back and neck hurt from working at a desk all day, carrying the kids, or poor posture, you can help him feel better. The Arched Back Stretcher is designed to fit comfortably along the lower back so he can lie down and relax while it helps restore the natural curve of his spine. He’ll experience pain relief and a gentle massage from the foam spikes. Give him comfort for $25.99!Father's Day Gift Guide - Buy back stretcher | back stretching equipment

    Push-Up Bars

    Many dads like to do a few sets of good ol’ push-ups to build their upper body since it’s easy to do at home. Help him get more out of his exercise with Push-Up Bars. They help reduce wrist pain, and create a full range of motion for greater effectiveness. Super simple and easy to use for only $9.99.Father's Day Gift Guide - Buy push-up bars | push-up stands

    2-in-1 Hexa Massage Roller

    If your dad suffers from back pain or tight muscles, this textured foam roller can be used at home for deep-tissue massage. It twists apart for two foam rollers, so you can recover from your workouts together! Help him feel better for just $39.99.Father's Day Gift Guide - Buy foam roller | Muscle massage roller

    Massage Stick Roller

    Is your dad the 5k or marathon type? Then be sure to add a Massage Stick Roller to his pile of presents this year. The super slim, convenient roller is perfect for getting knots out of legs and reducing cramps. He can use it while he watches TV or put it in his gym bag for post-workout recovery. Only $14.99.Father's Day Gift Guide - Buy massage stick roller | Muscle massage roller

    Anti-Shock Trekking Poles

    Maybe your father hates the gym but loves the outdoors. Hiking and backpacking are his idea of exercise. These trekking poles will make him happy with a mini compass for exploring, adjustable height, wrist straps, and shock-absorption to reduce joint pain. They even come with snow discs for winter time! Get them now for a mere $19.99.Father's Day Gift Guide - Buy massage stick roller | Muscle massage roller

    Speed Agility Ladder  

    If your dad ever played football or soccer, he’ll enjoy training in an athletic way with an agility ladder. And if he coaches any boys sports teams, he can use it with them as well! It’s perfect for improving coordination, agility, and balance – all important skills for both sports and aging well. Available in 3 size options, starting from $10.99. Father's Day Gift Guide - Buy agility ladder | flat rung speed agility ladder

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