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medicine balls

Medicine balls are some of the most versatile pieces for any of your workouts because they come in different sizes and materials now to accommodate your fitness routine. From medicine ball ab workouts with Russian twists to slam balls for explosive movements, there is a medicine ball workout that will help you reach your fitness goals. You can buy a single 10lb medicine ball and gradually increase to 20lbs, or buy a medicine ball set and use them for your arms, legs, core and more. It really just depends on what you need and what you’re looking to get from your workout. Look below to find the weight and style from rubber to leather medicine balls and add to cart. You’ll be twisting, tossing and having fun while reaching your fitness and body goals!

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10 lb
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Frequently Asked Questions About Medicine Balls

Medicine Ball Vs. Slam Ball, Which is Better?

Medicine ball vs. slam ball and which is better depends on your workout. Slam balls are medicine balls, but not all medicine balls are slam balls. If you’re looking to toss a ball back and forth with a partner or perform more traditional medicine ball workouts, go with a traditional medicine ball without the bouncing effect. If you’re looking to toss and throw your medicine ball into the mat or floor below you, the rubber slam balls are designed for this impact and your workout style.

Which Medicine Ball is Best for Home Gyms?

Any medicine ball will go great as a home gym addition because they don’t take that much space and are easy to workout with. The best medicine ball for home gyms is a set (?) Medicine ball sets do not take up a ton of space and they’re versatile. Medicine ball sets also give you the flexibility to go lighter with your arms, heavier with your legs and challenge your core from push ups to twists and adding extra resistance.