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slide boards

Are you ready to slide your way safely to a new physique? Or tone and tighten your thighs while training your core? Then a slide board from ProsourceFit is for you. Each ProsourceFit slide board comes complete with the slide board, booties and a convenient bag to store them in. Simply lay your slide board on a flat level and open surface, put on the slide booties and get ready to look like an olympic speed skater from the comfort of your own home. But slide board workouts aren’t just for your legs. The slide board can be a great core burner, too. Wear the booties over your hands and you can roll out and pull back to challenge your core. Turn to face it horizontally and use muscle control to push your arms out and back up to a piked position. Your slide board workout options are endless! When traditional lower body or core workout routines are too dull for you, switch to using a slide board to make it more interesting and fun!


Frequently Asked Questions About Slide Board

How do you use a slide board?

To use a slide board:

  1. Lay the slide board on a flat and level surface.
  2. Put the booties on over your shoes.
  3. Stand on one side of the slide board.
  4. Push yourself to the other side and let your other foot stop you.
  5. Now slide back in the opposite direction.