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ProSourceFit - Cross-Training Jump Ropes, Agility Ladders
ProSourceFit - Cross-Training XFIT Resistane Bands
ProSourceFit - Cross-Training Pull-Up and Push-Up Bars
ProSourceFit - Barbell & Lifting Accessories, Gym Chalk
ProSourceFit - Cross-Training Kettlebells
ProSourceFit - Cross-Training Exercise Mats
ProSourceFit - Cross-Training Gymnastic Rings
ProSourceFit - Cross-Training Weightlifting Straps Wraps and Grips

Cross Training

What is cross training? Cross training is doing multiple forms of exercise to reap greater physical benefits than is possible with one type of workout alone. This can be as different as participating in weight lifting, yoga, and swimming, or as basic as incorporating various exercises into one full-body workout, such as jogging, weight lifting, and agility training. Read more

Every type of workout has its benefits, from building strength in your upper arms to increasing flexibility in your hamstrings more flexible to improving endurance. But every type of exercise has its limitations, and routines can become stale and less enjoyable over time.

Cross training allows you to tailor your regimen to your mood, interests, and goals. It helps fill in the gaps for better overall health and prevents fitness plateaus. Cross trainers are serious about fitness and about maximizing results.

Who benefits from cross training workouts? Everybody. The competitive or casual runner can boost their speed and efficiency, prevent injury and improve balance from strength training for the core and arms. Yoga and Pilates practitioners can boost upper and lower body strength using kettlebells or or a multi-functional pull up bar. And weight lifters can round out their workouts with resistance bands and yoga to emphasize agility, flexibility, and balance.

Finding a healthy balance between strength, flexibility, agility, and stamina make for a happier and injury-free fitness enthusiast.

Cross Training Equipment

ProSource listens to people who make fitness their priority. We provide high quality, affordable exercise equipment and accessories for the cross trainer looking to spice up their workout routine. From kettlebells to gymnastic rings and and resistance bands, ProSource has the equipment you need to achieve your fitness goals. Train like a pro, train with ProSource!

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