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ProSourceFit - Strength and Toning Hand Strengtheners
ProSourceFit - Strength and Toning Core Abdominal Trainers
ProSourceFit - Strength and Toning Dumbbells
ProSourceFit - Strength and Toning | Weighted Vest and Gloves | Ankle Weights
ProSourceFit - Strength and Toning Weighted Medicine Balls
ProSourceFit - Strength and Toning Trekking Hiking Poles

Strength & Toning

No matter what your fitness goals, strength and toning exercises can help you achieve them. Many people who simply want to lose excess weight will sometimes focus on burning calories through cardio workouts alone, and don't consider the added physical and aesthetic benefits that come from basic strength and toning. Building strength in key areas can help you not only get stronger, but also improve balance, coordination, flexibility, and sense of well-being. It is also one of the most effective means of controlling weight, because greater muscle mass helps burn more calories post-workout and even at rest. Strength training, including Pilates, also helps develop a greater body awareness, as well as a more appealing physique. Read more

Get a Toned, Healthy Body

ProSource is committed to providing high quality fitness equipment and accessories to help you achieve your goals. Our equipment and accessories for strength building and muscle toning are affordable and designed with you in mind. Perfect for home gyms and workouts, our collection of neoprene dumbbells, rubber medicine balls, and ab trainers, and are well-designed for convenient weight loss and muscle-building.

Our Weighted Gloves can be used in nearly any activity for gentle toning, while Hand & Grip Strengtheners help build endurance between workouts. Anti-shock Trekking Poles are great for the outdoor fitness lover, perfect for hikes, trails, or daily walks. Shake up that boring cardio routine and train like a pro with ProSource!

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