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Lacrosse Massage Ball

Wondering how to get knots out of tough places like your upper back, neck, and calves? The ProSource Lacrosse Massage Ball is your perfect solution. The convenient size fits perfectly into those tight places, with firm pressure to provide a much needed sense of relief.
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  • The ProSource Lacrosse Massage Ball mimics a deep tissue massage like a masseuse's elbow or palm to relax your tight muscles. The small 2.5" (63mm) size makes it much easier than a foam roller to maneuver between muscles and bones for targeted pain relief. It can be used while standing, seated, or lying down to reach deep knots in smaller areas like the shoulder blades, neck, hips, lower back, glutes, and feet. The smooth, high density surface provides a better grip than other common self-massage options like tennis and golf balls. Regular use helps to increase flexibility, blood flow, and general mobility. A great option for athletes, weightlifters and yogis wanting to perform, and suitable for beginners or advanced users.
    • Targets tight muscle fibers deeply for effective pain relief
    • Reduces knots that cause muscle imbalances and decreased flexibility
    • Improves mobility in hard-to-reach areas like shoulders, back, neck, glutes & hips
    • Compact size is ideal for travel and carrying from home to office or gym

  • Measurements: 2.5” Diameter

    Weight: 5.6 oz.

    Material: Rubber

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