• On all orders of $49 or more
  • Orders arrive in 2-7 business days
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  • 30-day money back guarantee on all products (must be in original condition)
  • Free returns on any incorrect or defective product


  • Covers manufacturing and workmanship defects
  • Replacements for the same or similar item for product’s lifetime
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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By completing this application form you accept ProsourceFit Terms and Conditions for wholesale accounts. These terms are subject to change without prior notice. Therefore, we encourage you to revisit this page on a monthly basis.

  1. Resale Policy - ProsourceFit prohibits wholesalers and their affiliates from reselling ProsourceFit products on third-party marketplaces including but not limited to:,, eBay,,,,, or any similar marketplace. Additionally, members may not sell products at prices lower than the Minimum Advertised Price set by ProsourceFit.
  2. Minimum Purchase - A minimum purchase order of $250.00 at wholesale prices is required.
  3. Shipping and Taxes - Member is responsible for shipping charges and any applicable taxes.
  4. Industry Requirements - Must be involved in commercial business or practice in the fitness, health, or wellness industries. Proof of corresponding license must be submitted upon request. California resellers will also have to provide resellers certificate.
  5. Product Samples - Most of our products are available for purchase at wholesale price in sample size in single quantities. Sample orders are exempt from our minimum order purchase amount.
  6. Placing Orders - Orders may be placed through our website after you receive your account invite. Products are subject to availability. You may contact our support team any time at or by calling +1(855)552-2637
  7. Trademarks and Logo - Members do not obtain any right or title to any of our trademarks, logo, or other intellectual property; these belong solely to ProsourceFit. The ProsourceFit logo may not be altered or covered in any way.
  8. Member agrees to provide personal, business demographics, and product feedback from time to time as requested by ProsourceFit, which will only be used by ProsourceFit.
  9. Payment & Credit Terms (if offered) - Any amount shown on invoice or as per statement is payable by the Member without deduction, setoff or cross claim. Full payment on any invoice is due within 30 days from the date of the invoice. Offer of Credit Terms may be suspended beyond this date.
  10. Debt Recovery, Expenses and Disbursements – Member agrees to pay for all costs, disbursements and other expenses incurred by us in recovering or attempting to recover any monies outstanding by you, including but not limited to, fees incurred by our debt recovery agency, solicitor and sheriff, etc.
  11. Relationship of Parties - Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to create any legal relationship between you and ProsourceFit, including but not limited to that of employer-employee, principal-agent, partner, a sponsorship relationship or a joint venture.
  12. Termination - ProsourceFit has the right to suspend or terminate a Member’s account at any time if we believe the Member is abusing the program or no longer employed in the industry.
  13. Jurisdiction - All transactions between ProsourceFit and Wholesaler are governed by the laws of California. To the extent that any court proceedings are commenced, the Member hereby consents to the jurisdiction of the courts of Los Angeles County, California, for any claims or controversies arising in the sale of fitness products by the ProsourceFit to the Member. ProsourceFit also reserves the right to file a lawsuit with the Member in the province or state of its domicile.