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  • Orders arrive in 2-7 business days
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  • 30-day money back guarantee on all products (must be in original condition)
  • Free returns on any incorrect or defective product


  • Covers manufacturing and workmanship defects
  • Replacements for the same or similar item for product’s lifetime
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Become an Affiliate



Are you a Trainer, YouTuber, Blogger or someone looking to help people find quality fitness gear while earning commissions? Then the ProsourceFit partner program is for you. The program offers state-of-the-art tracking including cross device and we have dedicated marketing strategists ready to help you earn commissions.

The ProsourceFit program offers:

  • Up to 10% commissions
  • Long tracking cookies
  • Advanced tracking technology
  • Commission protection from coupon sites, adware & other parasitic practices
  • Dedicated support from Adam Riemer Marketing
  • And more!

Click here to join now and discover why so many fitness enthusiasts love being a ProsourceFit partner.


How much does it cost to join and are there time commitments?

The ProsourceFit partner program is 100% free for you to join and be a part of. There are also no time commitments. You can work with us when you want and take a break whenever you need to.

When & how do I get paid? Is there a minimum threshold?

Our third party tracking system ShareASale handles all payment information including minimums, schedules and methods for payment. Please address all payment queries to

How do I sign up?

Simple, click this link and you’ll be taken to our sign up page.

Where can I find my links?

To find your links, please log into your account on Next click on links and get links. In the merchant’s drop down box, select Pro Source Fitness and click “refresh report to view below”. Click get links again and you’ll be taken to your links.

If you’d like step-by-step instructions with images, please use this blog post:

What is your contact information?

You can reach us by writing to or connect with our affiliate manager Adam on skype at adam-riemer (Washington DC).

Do you offer support?

Absolutely. Let us know what you need by using the contact information above and we’ll do our best to get it for you.

Do we have to have a website?

No, we work with YouTubers, Trainers, Social Media stars and a wide variety of other partners.

Can I be a partner if I don’t live in the USA?

Absolutely. There are no restrictions on where you’re based, only on the quality of traffic you can drive.

Ideas to Get Started

Are you looking for ways to get started with the ProsourceFit program? We’re here to help. Below you’ll find everything from article ideas to example social media shares and some inspiration for Pinterest pinboards. If you’d like us to work with you on building a custom plan, contact our affiliate manager Adam by writing to or connect with him on skype at adam-riemer (Washington DC).

Content Ideas

Coming up with unique and original content can sometimes be tricky. Here are some topics that you can use as a way to get started. By using modifiers (other variations of words and add-ons) you can help your site to attract more long tail traffic and also a more niche audience. Things like weights, body parts/regions and adjectives are all great starting points.

  • 12 Exercises You Can Do While At the Office
  • How to Know Which Yoga Mat is Right For You?
  • Should I Buy an XYlb KettleBell or an XYlb Medicine Ball
  • 7 Ways to Use Dumbbells to Tone Your Biceps
  • How to Know Which Foam Roller is Right For You
  • How to Set Up a Home Gym in Your Apt & Not Spend a Ton!
  • 9 Tummy Toning Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV

Pinterest Pinboards & Pins

Once you’re a partner you’ll have access to all of our product images through ShareASale. You’re welcome to use these as pins with your affiliate links and an advertising disclosure on Pinterest. It’s a great fit for themed boards like Yoga Essentials, Getting In Shape or New Years Resolutions.

Another way to use Pinterest with the ProsourceFit partner program is to create content and use our images and your affiliate links within the posts. Now pin the post to your Pinterest boards and pin each image individually. This now brings people from Pinterest to your content so they can become a fan of your site and it also gives them an opportunity to click through your link and shop which can help you earn a commission.

Facebook & Twitter Shares

Here are a few sample Facebook and Twitter shares. Please make sure to add your affiliate link if you use them and always use an advertising disclosure like #ad or #advertisement before the link.

  • Check out this awesome new #yoga brand I found #ad (insert your link here)
  • Ready to get fit? Check out this awesome gear at amazing prices. #ad (insert your link here)
  • Looking for #crossfit training gear? Check out these awesome deals #ad (insert your link here)

Ready to get started? Click here to join our partner program or simply write our affiliate manager and he’ll work on a custom plan with you.