ProsourceFit Affiliate Program

Join a growing community of athletes, health professionals, and fitness enthusiasts today!

The ProsourceFit community is made up of fitness enthusiasts from every walk of life — yoga practitioners, crossfitters, professional athletes, and personal trainers — all with the common goal of making fitness accessible to all. Still, the increase of sedentary lifestyles and increasing gym membership costs has driven people away from exercise altogether. 

Our mission is more important now than ever. 

Are you an active presence on social media? Do you have your own website? We consider all applicants and provide an extensive range of benefits to those that are accepted. Let’s make this community stronger together!

What perks do you receive as a ProsourceFit affiliate?

  • 10% commissions with the potential to earn more
  • One free product per month to promote and add to your home gym
  • Discount codes to provide to your community
  • Long tracking cookies
  • Advanced tracking technology
  • Commission protection from coupon sites, adware & other parasitic practices
  • Dedicated support from the ProsourceFit marketing team 
  • And more!

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How can you join the ProsourceFit affiliate program?

The ProsourceFit affiliate program is FREE to join and be a part of. There are no time commitments, exclusive rights, or limitations when you’re our affiliate. We do not require you to have X amount of followers on social media, nor do you have to be an exclusive fitness page. That being said, we do look for ambassadors who align with our ideals and vision, who post consistently, and have an engaged community. 

We’re sure you’d like to jump straight to the application, so we won’t take any more of your time — fill out the questionnaire below and we’ll reach out to you if we believe you’d be a good fit. Upon acceptance, we will email you all the details you’ll need to get started. 


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