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If you’re looking for quality dumbbells that will last throughout the years, then you’re in the right place! Whether you buy neoprene dumbbells that can be taken on a walk, or you buy adjustable dumbbells perfect for an apartment and homes with multiple people, you’re going to love the quality and price of ProsourceFit’s dumbbells. The neoprene dumbbells are perfect for working out at home, on the-go, or while you’re at the office. Neoprene gives you a solid and comfortable grip to help prevent slippage so you can focus on your form without worrying about dropping the dumbbell. If you’re looking for dumbbells that progress with you, and the rest of your fit-fam, go with a set of adjustable dumbbells. Each of the adjustable dumbbells from ProsourceFit can be changed quickly and easily to help you seamlessly shift from triceps to chest, or adding extra weight for squats, lunges and other leg workouts. Not to mention the space saving aspect compared to needing a large weight rack with traditional dumbbell sets. So if you’re ready to purchase your own set of dumbbells, select the sizes and styles that meet your needs below and click add-to-cart.

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