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Become an Ambassador

ProsourceFit Ambassador Program

Supporting a community of diverse athletes. Making fitness attainable and enjoyable. Inspiring others.

What Does an Ambassador Do?

Our ambassadors passionately share their love for fitness and ProsourceFit products with their friends, clients, students, community and more.

They are men and women who can’t help but use social media and educational platforms to give tips, demonstrate products, and contribute their fitness experience on their social media platforms and blogs.

Why Become an Ambassador?

Ambassadors receive free products to be used in their regular fitness routines and receive special discounts.

Becoming an ambassador offers you the opportunity to write inspiring content for our website to be viewed and shared by a wide audience. You may also be invited to work as a model in our photoshoots, be featured on our social media, and participate in special projects.

What is Required to Apply?

We value health and fitness in its many forms, and influencers who live out our values. We do not require a minimum social media following size, but do look for ambassadors who post consistently and have influence in an engaged community.

Ambassadors can be yogis, passionate about Pilates, CrossFit fans, competitive athletes, runners, fitness competitors, personal trainers, coaches, or just anyone who lives a fit, healthy lifestyle.

Only U.S. citizens are eligible to apply, as our products are not currently available outside of the U.S.

To apply, please fill out form below, and we will respond to you within two weeks.

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Additional Info

Are you a certified personal trainer?
Are you a certified yoga or Pilates instructor?
If neither of the above, what is your experience in the fitness industry?
Do you currently own or use any ProsourceFit products? If so, what?
Why are you interested in becoming an ambassador?
Please list any experience or qualifications that you feel would make you a great ambassador.