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Plyometric Boxes

Having a plyo box at home is the perfect way for you to get your cardio and agility training in. Plyo boxes let you tone your core and your legs while also being used for storage. This makes your new plyo box one of the most practical, versatile and popular pieces of gym equipment in your home arsenal. Buying the right plyometric box is easy, especially at ProsourceFit because they come with versatile sizes to suit your fitness needs. Most women do well starting on the 16” plyo box and men with the 20”. Advanced users will want to buy the 24” plyo box. If you’re looking to buy a single plyo box or a set for your home gym, you’re in the right place. Each of the options below are durable and ready to help you reach your fitness goals!


Frequently Asked Questions About Plyometric box

What size plyometric box should I buy?

The size of the jump box you’ll want to buy depends on your athletic ability and in many cases your height. New users should go with a 16”. Advanced will want 24”. 30” and higher are normally saved for professional athletes, advanced fitness enthusiasts and for obstacle course training.

Is a plyo box the same as a jump box?

Yes, a plyo box and a jump box are the same. Although plyo boxes can be made from multiple materials, they are all great options. Some people prefer wooden plyo boxes because they like the firm stick. Other people prefer the foam and soft plyometric boxes for safety reasons especially if they brush their knees and are training on new heights.