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stability & toning balls

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Whether you are looking to keep fit at the studio or at home, each of the ProsourceFit stability and toning balls below are designed with you in mind. 


The stability exercise balls are made from PVC which makes them easy to clean after you’re done.  ProsourceFit stability balls are sturdy, easy to inflate and deflate for storage, and fun to use. Additionally, combining them with our toning balls can speed up your results with the added resistance.


Hold toning balls in your hands while you use your stability ball to tone your arms, or set them on your ankles while doing leg lifts on a weight bench. Even carry your toning balls on a walk for some extra calorie burning during your normal routine.  Each toning ball has a PVC exterior with a natural sand filling making them comfortable, durable and easy to clean. 


If you are ready to lift and balance your way to a stronger physique, add your favorite toning and stability balls below to your cart today!


What are the benefits of using stability balls?


The benefits of using a stability ball include:


      Strengthening your core

      Gaining flexibility

      Expanding your range of motion

      Improving your balance

      Building up your endurance

      Helping your coordination

      Lowering muscle and spinal strain

      Reducing lower back pain


What size stability ball should I use?


The size of stability ball you need depends on your height:


Stability Ball Diameter



5' and under


5'1"– 5'8"


5'9"– 6'2"


6'3"– 6'7"


6'8" and taller


Is there a difference between an exercise ball and a stability ball?


No, there is no difference between an exercise ball and a stability ball.  Exercise balls and stability balls are the same thing.


What are anti-burst stability balls?


Instead of popping, anti-burst stability balls will deflate if punctured.  This is due to the materials used and design.


What can I do with my toning balls?


You can increase the impact of your normal routines as well as add some new exercises with toning balls. They can be a replacement for dumbbells and because of their shape toning balls do not get in the way when you swing your hands while walking or jogging.


You can add toning balls to your yoga or Pilates workouts for even more of a challenge.  Yoga poses like High Lunge and Chair will be a lot harder as well as Pilates spinal twists. Many physical therapists will incorporate toning balls into recovery programs.


What exercises can I do with a toning ball?


Exercises you can do using toning balls are:



      Seated trunk rotations

      Standing wood chops

      Toning ball push-ups

      Standing hay balers

      Walking lunges (with or without an overhead press)

      Front Arm Lifts

      Tricep Extensions

      Arm Circles


Is a toning ball the same as a medicine ball?


No, a toning ball is not the same as a medicine ball. Toning balls are smaller and top out around 4-5 lbs and can be held with one hand.  They are used like hand weights.


Medicine balls come in weights up to 50 lbs on average and can be as large as a basketball.  They are used for plyometric training and to improve speed and muscle strength.


Can you slam a toning ball?


No, you should not slam a toning ball.  A toning ball won’t bounce and it could crack or break depending on the materials it is made from.