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Hand Strengtheners

If you’re ready to strengthen your grip for sports, music, or as part of rehabbing from an injury, then the ProsourceFit hand grip strengtheners are for you! Big, fancy gym equipment can step aside because each of the hand strengtheners below are compact enough to travel with you so that you can workout wherever you are. Increasing your endurance, building forearm muscles, and enhancing your quality of life has never been easier. If you’re ready to “get a grip”, then click below and purchase your new hand grip strengthener from ProsourceFit!

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Frequently Asked Questions About HAND STRENGTHENERS

How do I clean them?

Cleaning is easy. Simply take a wet cloth and wipe them down. You do not want to use any chemicals or cleaning agents as those can damage the latex and decrease their durability.

What are the types of hand grip strengtheners?

There are 3 types of hand grip strengtheners: spring-based, coil, and articulated. Spring-based strengtheners are bound by a spring and have handles separated by a hinge, and the difficulty of the squeeze is determined by both the tension and length of the spring. Coil strengtheners are built around a coil. Every time you grip, it tightens the coil. Articulated strengtheners allow you to squeeze each finger individually by using a series of springs.

Do hand strengtheners make your hands bigger?

No. However, hand grip strengtheners will work to increase your grip strength, your flexibility, and the size of your forearm muscles.

What are the benefits of hand grip strengtheners?

Besides giving you a strong grip and adding another facet to your workout routine, hand strengtheners offer you several benefits. Hand grip strengtheners will help: Increase your hand strength. You hold more weight. Improve your endurance when used on a regular basis. Increase the size of your forearm muscles including all your extensor muscles and the brachioradialis. Increase the strength of your forearm muscles by providing the necessary resistance to the muscles located on the inside (palm side) of your forearm. Increase your quality of life. “Hand grip strength was highly predictive of functional limitations and disability 25 years later.” (Read more)

What do hand strengtheners do?

Many of the muscles in your hands and forearms don’t get an even workout. Hand strengtheners offer you the ability to strengthen the 35 muscles that are involved in moving your forearm and hand which you need for gripping. During your grip work, you also use the digitorum superficialis, flexor digitorum profundus, and the flexor pollicis longus which will add to the size of your forearm.