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yoga towels

72" x 24"
68" x 24"


Whether you have sweaty hands and feet, or you love taking hot yoga classes, a ProsourceFit yoga towel will keep you from sliding so you can focus on class and not falling down!


Each of the yoga towels below are made out of microfiber so the yoga towel becomes more “grippy” as it gets wet.  The extra grips help hold you in place as you transition from pose to pose.


Perfect for Bikram, hot, or Vinyasa type yoga, ProsourceFit yoga towels absorb your sweat and keep your yoga mat dry.  Because yoga towels don't bunch up and are also anti-slip, you can feel safe doing balancing poses like downward dog, and you don’t have to worry about your hands slipping from Ashtanga poses either.


Once you’ve tried a yoga towel, you’ll never know how you lived without one!  Select your favorite color combination below and click add to cart.

Why should I use a yoga towel?


You should use a yoga towel because it absorbs your sweat which increases the towel's grip on your mat so that you don’t slide around during a class or workout.


What are the benefits of using a yoga towel?


The benefits of using a yoga towel include:


      Preventing wear and tear on your yoga mat.

      Keeping you stable as your hands and feet sweat..

      A yoga towel is more hygienic than a yoga mat alone.

      You don’t have to clean your yoga mat as often.  Just throw your yoga towel in the washing machine when you are done and clean up is a breeze!


What features make a good yoga towel?


Features to look for include:


      Absorbency is important and should be considered if you sweat during sessions and if you're using a towel for hot yoga or not.

      The size of your towel is important because you want your yoga towel to cover the entire mat or at least the section you use during your routine.

      Check that your yoga towel is machine washable to make sure it is easy to take care of.


Can I use a yoga towel instead of a yoga mat?


No, you cannot use a yoga towel in place of a yoga mat. A yoga towel's main function is to wick away sweat and keep you from moving while balancing. A yoga mat’s function is to provide support to various parts of your body like your knees and elbows.


Can I use a regular towel instead of a yoga towel?


No, you cannot use a regular towel instead of a yoga towel as it is not designed to increase its grip when you sweat.