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Massage Balls

If you love the effectiveness of trigger point massage techniques for recovery, but don’t have space or time for roller sticks or back stretchers, then the massage balls below are perfect for you! You can use massage balls from ProsourceFit on your back, feet, thighs or wherever you need some quick trigger point therapy. Each massage ball is about the size and density of a lacrosse ball. They are made from rubber which means they’re easy to clean and durable making each massage ball built to last. Pack your new massage ball in your gym bag to have it with you to roll out muscles after you just worked out or simply store it at home to have it handy when you need to release some tension.


Frequently Asked Questions About massage balls

Are Massage Balls Effective?

Yes, massage balls are very effective at relieving knots and pressure when used correctly. By targeting your trigger points and applying proper amounts of pressure, you can help to release the stress on your muscles and speed up your recovery.

How often can you use a massage ball?

You can use a massage ball up as many times as needed. It is always best to talk to your doctor or your physical therapist to see what they recommend as each person is different and has different needs.

Does the size of the massage ball matter?

Yes, the size of the massage ball does matter. Most people prefer one that matches a lacrosse ball. But if you require a tighter push you’ll want a smaller massage ball as it will cover less area increasing the pressure and tension. If you want less pressure go with a larger massage ball. But overall the best massage balls tend to be the size of a lacrosse ball.