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Resistance Loop Bands

There’s a reason you see personal trainers, bootcamp instructors and people everywhere using resistance bands, they are compact enough to fit in a gym bag or desk drawer and versatile enough to work virtually any part of your body. Read more... Whether you’re looking for a way to workout while sitting at your desk during the work day, or need to increase blood flow when your legs cramp on a plane, resistance loop bands could be the perfect option for you. The options below are made from durable, double-dipped and all-natural latex. You can shop by strength and purchase individual bands or save by purchasing a complete set. Getting a workout that meets your needs including intensity and when space is limited has never been easier when you have loop resistance bands to help.

10 lb to 35 lb
30 lb to 50 lb
40 lb to 80 lb
50 lb to 120 lb
60 lb to 150 lb

Frequently Asked Questions About Flat Resistance Bands

How do I clean them?

Cleaning is easy. Simply take a wet cloth and wipe them down. You do not want to use any chemicals or cleaning agents as those can damage the latex and decrease their durability.

How long are they?

This depends on the style you buy.

  • Loop bands are 10” long by 2” wide
  • X-fit power are all 41” long but the width varies depending on strength
  • Therapy styles are 72” long by 6” wide

Do they come with a user manual?

Yes, when you purchase a single option or a set, you’ll get a guide with everything from storage to care and even some great workouts you can do.

Which are best for beginners?

This depends on how you’ll be using them. If you are looking for assistance in doing a pull up, you’ll want to buy one with more strength and that is longer from the x-fit line. For exercises like squats where you want to add more intensity you’ll need the shorter options. If you purchase a set you can start with less strength and add additional loops for more resistance.

What Are the Best Resistance Loop Band Exercises?

Here are a few of the best loop resistance band workouts broken out by area of the body.

What Are the Best Resistance Loop Band Exercises?

Here are a few of the best loop resistance band workouts broken out by area of the body.

Thigh Exercises:

Resistance Loop Band Squats – Place the band around your thighs and do your squats like you normally would. As your legs expand out when squatting, the bands constrict creating more restriction on your thighs helping you to get a better workout.

Squat walks – one of the most popular and best resistance loop band exercises is the squat walk. This is more of an advanced exercise so be cautious if you’re a beginner. Do the same squat as above, but after you expand your legs, take a step to the left side and then move your feet back together. Then bring your knees back together. Now repeat but step in the other direction to the right.

For an additional challenge you can try combining an agility ladder or pattern in like 180 degree turns once you’re in the squatting position. This not only challenges your coordination, but it adds some extra intensity and fun to these loop resistance band glute and thigh exercises.

Leg Abductions – beginners and advanced, depending on how many bands you use.

  1. Lay on your side and place the flat or loop band around your thighs.
  2. Expand your leg facing upwards and then lower back together.

Butt Exercises:

Bridge Extensions & Pulses:

  1. Start by placing the loop around your mid thighs
  2. Lay on your back and lift your but off the ground or yoga mat
  3. Spread your legs so the band ads resistance and pulse your butt upwards
  4. Bring your legs back together and lower.
  5. Now repeat until you reach your repetition goal.

Donkey Kick Backs:

  1. Start on the floor on all fours. Hands should be directly below your shoulders, and knees below your hips. Maintain a neutral spine.
  2. Place the band around thighs or calves. Flex one foot and lift it toward the ceiling, keeping your knee bent.
  3. Squeeze your buttocks as you lift, until thigh is parallel to the floor. Pause for one second, then slowly return to the start position.
  4. Repeat 10-15 times before switching to the other leg

Chest and Arm Exercises:

Assisted Pull ups – If you’re having trouble doing a pull up without support, you can place the xfit options around the bar or loop it through itself over the top. Next place one foot or both feet onto the band and let it give you the extra assistance you need to complete your goal for pull ups. You can also find our selection of chin up bars here, the multi grip option is a perfect one to combine with these.

PushUps – To increase the intensity of a pushup, start by laying down on your stomach and hold the flat, power resistance band (Xfit) under each hand with the strap over your back. Next do a push up and let the band add more intensity too it. If you want to increase the resistance even more, pull the band closer under your hands so that it holds more tightly against your back to adds additional resistance as you do the rest of your set.