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Tube Resistance Bands

Are you looking for fitness gear that can be stacked to intensify a workout and also used to provide support if you’re just getting back into fitness?Read more... Tube resistance bands may be the perfect solution for you. Not only are resistance bands versatile, but they’re compact so you can get a workout wherever and whenever you want.
Use them to work everything from your arms and legs, tone and tighten your glutes and even stretch and define your chest. Scroll below to shop by for individual bands by strength or select a set so that you can add resistance as you get stronger and adjust the tension to provide support when you need it.

5 lb to 8 lb
8 lb to 12 lb
12 lb to 16 lb
16 lb to 20 lb
20 lb to 30 lb
30 lb to 40 lb
40 lb to 50 lb
w/ handles

Frequently Asked Questions About Tube Resistance Bands

How often do I need to replace them?

Our stackable tube resistance bands are made from durable, heavy duty latex and they are made to last. The strength won’t falter, and they don’t lose their intensity so you’re good to go for many years.

How do I clean them?

To clean your tube resistance bands, simply soak them with a wet cloth and wipe clean. Even though they are made from a durable latex, soaps and cleaners can damage the material and weaken the band so it is important to avoid any chemicals.

How do you anchor resistance bands to a door?

Slip one end of the band through the loop portion of the door anchor piece. Slide the anchor piece to the middle of the band. Open the door and insert the anchor portion with the ball into the crack in the hinge side of the door. Once it is all the way behind the door with the loop portion still in the front of the door, close the door securely.

How Long Are They?

Each tube resistance band is 48” in length.

What strength should I buy?

The tubes are color coded for strength. Because they’re stackable, you can buy singles or sets as well as any combination so they meet your workout needs. Here are the strengths by color:

  • Green- 5 to 8 pounds
  • Red- 8 to 12 pounds
  • Blue- 12 to 16 pounds
  • Black- 16 to 20 pounds