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yoga wheels



From the child’s pose and stretching, to leg lifts and toe stands, your yoga wheel is ready to support, stretch and help you get the most out of your yoga routines.   Each of the options below are designed with your workout in mind.

ProsourceFit yoga wheels are made from durable TPE and ABS plastics making them easy-to-clean, durable and long lasting.  Each of the yoga wheels below can be used safely on your yoga mat , carpets, floors and other smooth surfaces.

Whether you’re looking to stretch, build strength or work on your balance, yoga wheels from ProsourceFit are the perfect tool. Select your favorite color combination and you’ll be rolling your way to your fitness and yoga goals in no time at all.


Which surfaces can I use a yoga wheel on?


Yoga wheels are designed to be used on hardwood floors, yoga mats and shallow carpets.


What size yoga wheel should I buy?


To find the right size yoga wheel to buy you’ll want to ask yourself what types of movements and poses you plan on doing.  You will need to choose between small, medium or large. The chart below will help you determine which yoga wheel you need: 






6” Diameter

10” Diameter

12-13” Diameter

5”-6” Width

5”-6” Width

5”-6” Width

Offers the deepest stretch

Can be used as a support for beginners

Good for rolling out sore muscles.

Good for slightly high pressure massage

Best for shorter people


Best for tall people

Offers the most support for back bends

Best for people with limited flexibility


Is there a difference between a foam roller and a yoga wheel?


Yes, the main difference between a foam roller and a yoga wheel is that a foam roller is designed to help release built up lactic acid and is used for recovery while a yoga wheel is a piece of fitness equipment designed for stretching and used during a workout.


Although a yoga wheel can be used as a foam roller, a foam roller cannot be used as a yoga wheel.


How do I clean my yoga wheel?


For the outer ring, scrub with a soft cloth with mild laundry detergent and rinse.  Wipe completely dry. For the inner ring, wipe with a wet cloth.


When is it time to replace my yoga wheel?


Once the outside padding begins to wear out, it is time to replace your yoga wheel.  Most yoga wheels are designed to last for 5 or more years depending on usage.


Can I use a yoga wheel for poses?


Yes, you can use a yoga wheel for poses such as the Yogi Squat and Reclining Hero Pose.


Will a yoga wheel be good for someone at my level? 


Yes, a yoga wheel is good for everyone at every level!  Beginners can use a yoga wheel as an aid to help with more advanced yoga poses and to increase their strength. Advanced yogis can use the yoga wheel to increase their flexibility, leverage, and to make challenging yoga poses even harder.