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pilates rings



Whether you’re buying your first pilates ring or are looking to replace your old one, each of the ProsourceFit pilates rings are designed to provide you resistance in exactly the right spots. 


Each of the pilates rings below have padding on both the outside and that provide you with comfort and grip so that the ring stays put while you work your core, arms and legs. And because they are part of the ProsourceFit yoga and pilates lines, you know you’re getting quality at an amazing price.


Select your favorite color pilates ring below, or match it to your yoga mat and add to cart. Your new pilates ring will arrive quickly and be ready to assist you with your next workout.


What are the benefits of using a Pilates ring?


The benefits of a Pilates ring include:


      Correcting your posture

      Boosting your muscle strength

      Gaining flexibility

      Strengthening your joints

      Improving your balance

      Increasing your core strength

      Building up your endurance

How do I use a Pilates ring?


To use your pilates ring, follow these steps:


  1. Get into position for the exercise you will be performing.
  2. Place your hands, legs, or feet (depending on the exercise you are doing) on each side of the ring against the pads. 
  3. Apply enough pressure to hold the pilates ring in place and feel the resistance from the ring.
  4. Do each exercise slowly.


What can I use my Pilates rings for?


A pilates ring is used to provide resistance and promote good form while you exercise. 

What are some Pilates ring exercises I can do?


Exercises that will tone and strengthen your upper body include:

      Low diagonal ring

      Middle ring

      High diagonal ring

      Tricep press

      Halo ring

Core exercises you can do include:

      Thigh press

      Roll Up

      Criss-cross single leg extension

      Double Leg Lowers

      Criss-cross lift and lower

Exercises that will strengthen your lower body include:

      Standing leg press

      Side lying leg lifts

      Palm press

      Lean back

      Shoulder Bridge


How often should I use my Pilates ring?


You can use your pilates ring everyday.  However, you should alternate between your muscle groups for optimal results. Mondays and Wednesdays work on your upper body while you work on your lower body Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Save your abdominal muscles for Friday!