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gymnastics rings

Is there any piece of gym equipment more iconic than a set of gymnastic rings? Gymnastic rings are classic, timeless and help you create photo worthy poses, you can turn into art for your home gym or post to social media. And when you buy ProsourceFit gymnastic rings you’re getting a quality set and at an amazing deal! Choose from the fitness or wooden gymnastic rings below based on your fitness needs and where you plan on using your gymnastic rings. If you want your new gymnastic rings for fitness training or to set up an obstacle course in your backyard, go for the plastic. If you need stability and only plan on using them indoors, wooden gymnastic rings are perfect for you.


Frequently Asked Questions About gymnastics rings

Can you use gymnastic rings outside?

Yes, you can use the fitness gymnastic rings outside, but you likely don’t want to set wooden gymnastic rings outdoors as rain and weather can affect the wood and decrease the lifespan.

Which are better: plastic or wooden gymnastic rings?

Many people prefer wood gymnastic rings over plastic because they may feel more solid, sturdy and comfortable on your hands. However, that is not always the case. Gymnastic rings are all about personal preference and where you plan on using them.

If you like to train outdoors and on obstacle courses, many people will use plastic gymnastic rings because of their durability, especially for outdoors. If you plan on doing gymnastics you’ll want wooden, if it is for fitness and obstacle training, go with plastic. If you cannot decide, try them both out and make a decision based on which option meets your needs.