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    Yoga & Pilates

    Yoga & Pilates Mats

    Whether you need a thicker mat with more support, slip-resistant grip to prevent sliding, read more... or simply want a calming design to match your mood, search through our unique and original selection to find the perfect option to meet your needs.

    Yoga Towels

    A comfortable and moisture-absorbing towel can make all the difference during yoga practice, read more... especially hot yoga. Stay dry and stop slipping with a lightweight ProsourceFit yoga towel.

    Pilates Rings

    From full-body workouts to toning trouble areas, rings give you a unique ability to strengthen even the smallest of muscles and improve posture in as little as 10 minutes. Read more... There’s a reason they’re nicknamed “magic circles”!

    Mat Bags & Slings

    Free your arms for more important things (like a post-workout latte) with a yoga bag or sling. Read more... The brightly-colored options we offer are sure to match your unique style and make it easier to transport your gear to and from the studio.

    Yoga Wheels

    From beginners to experts, wheels can take your yoga practice and workouts to the next level. Read more... If you want something cutting-edge to change up your routine, give one of our wheels a “spin”. They’ll not only enhance a session, they’re incredibly fun to use!

    Yoga Blocks

    Possibly one of the most under-valued and under-used products, read more... blocks can assist you with everything from holding poses while increasing flexibility to providing additional support for tight hips and knees. If you need an extra helper, or just want to make difficult poses easier, try incorporating a set of blocks into your routine.

    Yoga Straps & Gloves

    Tired of slipping and sliding hands when you have to hold a pose? Read more... You can “get a grip” with our gloves specifically designed to prevent slipping and make yoga more enjoyable. Whether it’s a hot class or a slippery floor, you’ll stay in place with a set of slip-resistant, open-finger gloves.


    Committed practitioners of yoga and Pilates are after something more than just a workout or fit body. They seek heightened awareness, and a greater control of mind and body in everything they do. The ancient practice of yoga, and the more modern practice of Pilates, are both aimed at improving one's entire being through disciplined physical and mental exercises. They are not only about gaining strength and flexibility, but also a sense of well-being, health, and even inner peace.

    Yoga vs. Pilates

    Yoga is a spiritual discipline which uses meditation and physical poses to connect the mind, body and soul, improve health, and generate a sense of peace and relaxation. Practitioners of yoga in the west often try it for the physical benefits, such as improved flexibility, balance, and injury prevention. They often later discover its larger benefits to the mind as well, which is part of being truly fit.

    Pilates emphasizes strength building, particularly in the core, flexibility and posture. It can also be done on a mat, or on an apparatus called a “Reformer”. This practice often appeals to the more athletically-inclined for its strength benefits, as a way to augment their gym routines and prevent injury.

    Whether beginner or more advanced, practitioners of either yoga or Pilates don't need very much in the way of equipment, but they do expect their accessories to demonstrate the same level of commitment to achievement as they do, and prove themselves to be true partners in their routines.

    Yoga & Pilates Equipment

    ProsourceFit appreciates the challenge and artistry of these two popular fitness practices, and understands the great achievements that come through deeply personal effort. That's why we create high quality yoga and Pilates accessories that support the achievement of their users’ fitness goals.

    We offer exercise mats, towels, bags, and props for every kind of practitioner and personal preference, from yoga to Pilates to general fitness. Train like a pro, train with ProsourceFit!

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