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mat bags and slings



When you’re ready to get your zen on, a ProsourceFit yoga mat bag and sling are perfect for you! Each yoga mat bag is made from 100% hand woven cotton canvas so it is durable and easy to wash.


Our yoga mat bags are built to fit virtually all yoga mats and each one has a pocket to hold your wallet, keys and anything else you want to store safe and secure. If your mat is a standard size, the yoga bags below have enough space to hold your towel and socks too. If you don’t need a full yoga bag but want to carry around your mat with ease, try a yoga sling.


Simply select your favorite color below and you’ll be able to transport your mat from class to coffee and anywhere in between with ease. And as an added bonus, your new yoga sling can double as a yoga strap for stretching and getting into those hard to reach poses. 


Do I need a yoga mat bag?


Yes, you need a yoga mat bag if you want to be able to store your credit card, keys and other items while you’re working out and you don’t want to use your studio’s lockers or cubbies. Your yoga mat bag can also be used to hold your yoga towel, gloves and other accessories so you never accidentally leave them at home.


What is the best yoga mat bag for me?


The best yoga mat bag is the one that meets your needs.  We recommend choosing one that is easy to clean, can hold all of your yoga gear, fits comfortably on your shoulder, and of course looks stylish.  Some non-essential features are adjustable straps, waterproof material, and interior pockets. 


Each of the ProsourceFit yoga mat bags above meet these requirements, but of course we’re bias. 


How do I clean my yoga mat bag?


To clean most canvas yoga bags you put them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle in cold water and lay your bag flat to air dry.  Some nylon or polyester yoga bags are machine washable. 

To clean non-machine washable bags, use a damp sponge with a small amount of mild detergent to wipe your bag down.  Then rinse the sponge out, and wipe your bag down again to remove any soap residue.  Now lay the bag out to be air-dried.


Should I get a yoga mat sling?


If you only need to carry your mat and do not need pockets or space for gear, then yes, a sling will make transporting and carrying your yoga mat easy. 


How do I choose the right yoga mat sling?


First, look at how the yoga sling cinches your mat and then decide between quick release buckles, loops on a strap, D-rings, or straps you cinch together.  The other main difference to look at between yoga mat slings is appearance which is a personal preference. 


Can my yoga mat be stored in a yoga mat bag or yoga mat sling?


Yes, your yoga mat can be stored in your yoga mat bag or yoga sling.  Just make sure to follow the cleaning instructions on your mat, towel and other items that you store.  You don’t want to end up with “gym smell” as you open your bag to take a class.