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Resistance Bands

What is your workout routine missing? You may never have considered it, but almost everyone can benefit from resistance bands. Whether you’re a beginner to working out and more comfortable at home than a gym, or an advanced athlete whose training has plateaued, resistance bands offer a completely different challenge to your muscles than free weights or machines. Resistance bands provide a way to perform a variety of resistance exercises with one simple, inexpensive piece of equipment. Read more

Benefits of Resistance Band Training

Resistance bands actually have important advantages over free weights for resistance training that make them ideal. The most practical is that you can take and use them almost anywhere. They're inexpensive, easy to pack in a suitcase or backpack, and will allow you to do many of the same resistance exercises you would normally only do at the gym or with an expensive home weight set. They also provide a dimension of spatial control, and use of stabilizer muscles that free weights do not. They allow for a more full range of motion, important to proper muscular development, and they create continuous resistance throughout the movement cycle. Bands are also an excellent form of gentle strengthening for those undergoing rehabilitation or physical therapy.

ProSource offers a wide variety of bands to suit every need and preference. For many, the ProSource Tube Resistance Bands sets are a good place to start a resistance band workout, as they include various resistance levels, door anchor, and ankle straps so you have everything you need in one package. For leg work, we offer the specially designed Leg Resistance Band, and for those looking for a varied workout to support their CrossFit workouts, there are the XFit Loop Resistance Bands. Whatever the goal, we have the bands to help you achieve it.

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