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Dianne's Challenge:
"Fit for Wedding" will chronicle Dianne Ward's weight loss journey to drop at least 20 pounds for her wedding in November.
For the next few months, Dianne will be working out every week with the ProSource in-house personal trainer, Holly Pinkham. She will also coach Dianne on her diet and eating habits, and show viewers

how to lose weight

by working out outdoors, at home, and at the gym. Follow Dianne's journey to get fit and create habits to stay healthy for the rest of her life. Will she be able to lose the weight in just 4 months?
Stay tuned to find out!


Episode #1: Lose Weight for a Wedding in 6 Months or Less
This episode is all about Dianne’s story – how she connected to ProSource to get personal training and learn how to use workouts products to reach her goal. Dianne shares how she’s starting this weight loss challenge at 164 pounds at 5’1”. In 2016, her now-fiance, Dave, proposed to her at Disneyland and they were on top of the world. But that same night after she’d experienced the highest point of her life, Dianne experienced the lowest when she learned her dad had gone into emergency triple bypass surgery. This day became her motivation to change. Dianne connected with Holly Pinkham of shortly after, who connected her with ProSource. They offered to help pay for her training sessions and provide equipment for her to use to lose weight for her wedding. This is the start of her 4-month journey to get fit for her wedding!
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Episode #2: Weight Loss Challenge Begins - Fitness Assessment | Dianne's Challenge Fit for Wedding
Dianne’s weight loss challenge kicks off with her an initial fitness assessment with her personal trainer, Holly. They meet to discuss Dianne’s goals, health, diet, and motivation behind her 20-lb goal. They follow that up with a fitness assessment to determine Dianne’s starting point. They do her first weigh-in at 164 lbs, find out her bodyfat percentage, and take all of her measurements to have a way to track progress. Dianne also gets her first mini-workout by testing how long she can hold a plank, how many push-ups she can do, assess her squat form, and do a 1-mile timed run. Follow along to test yourself at home and see your fitness level so you can compare to it in the future. Join Dianne on this challenge to lose weight at home! They finish by setting a goal for 5 lbs per month to lose. Holly gives tips for how to lose weight at the end of this episode, and tells you how you can enter to win a $100 gift to!
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Episode #3: Circuit Training Workout & Food Diary for Weight Loss | Dianne's Challenge: Fit for Wedding
Dianne officially starts her strength training workouts and discusses nutrition and keeping a food with her personal trainer. Their session takes place in a park, using a ProSource resistance band with handles, a loop resistance band, and an exercise mat. The workout is designed to get Dianne used to moving and properly performing functional movements including squats, push-ups, lunges, and pulls. It is a circuit-style workout, performing exercises back to back without rest. If you are trying to lose weight, this may not look like a super hard, calorie-burning workout. The workout is based on safety-first and making sure that Dianne’s back and knee pain don’t cause any problems, and using warm-up exercises that will help her to stabilize and strengthen those areas, so that down the line she can workout harder and safer. For a beginner, this can be a very challenging workout, especially when using weight that challenges you and you don’t get pauses to rest and catch your breath until the end of an entire circuit.
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Episode #4: Getting Wedding-Ready with a High Intensity Training Workout | Dianne's Challenge: Fit for Wedding
After Dianne keeps missing her workouts, Holly takes her to a new gym for a “real hard” workout. This episode covers week and five Dianne’s Challenge, and Holly decides it’s time to step up the intensity of her workouts to make up for missed workouts and remind her of the intensity she should be putting into each session. At Real Fitness in Playa Del Rey, CA, Holly takes Dianne through a high intensity circuit workout, filled with functional exercises to tax her whole body and cardio system. Rather than just use machines and dumbbells, this weight loss workout includes things like tire slams, battle ropes, medicine ball tosses, sumo squats, and much more. ProSource equipment used in this workout: Soft Medicine Ball, Cast Iron Kettlebell, Loop Resistance Band. Holly then takes Dianne to the beach to finish out their workout with a run and talk to her about making sure she’s working out hard enough in order to lose weight in time for her wedding. Dianne weighs herself at the end of the month to find that, despite setbacks, her meal prep and workouts are paying off and she’s lost almost 5 pounds!
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Episode #5: Getting Wedding-Ready with a High Intensity Training Workout | Dianne's Challenge: Fit for Wedding
This week is all about meal preparation and managing to fit in her workouts. Nutrition is 70-80% of weight loss, so taking time and efforts to buywhole, natural foods and prepare them each week in proper portions is key to losing weight. This episode follows Dianne and her grocery shopping and food prep process with Holly, when she visits Dianne at home to see if she’s truly buying and preparing her foods the way she needs to be.
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Ep. 6 Working Out with Friends & Managing Alcohol for Weight Loss | Dianne's Challenge: Fit for Wedding
Can you still consume alcohol when trying to lose weight or maintain a fit lifestyle? That’s one of the main topics addressed in Week 9 of Dianne’s Fit-for-Wedding Challenge from ProSource. Another key issue addressed in this episode is the importance of social support when trying to lose weight.
Dianne has good family and friends around her, but they still tend to enable her desires rather than keep her accountable to what she needs in order to lose weight. Eating and drinking alcohol with her girlfriends and bridesmaids is a weekly ritual that they enjoy together as a way to maintain their relationships and reduce stress. But all of those empty calories from wine are a big contributor to weight gain. So is it possible to still enjoy a social life and still drink alcohol?
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Ep.7 12 lbs Lost, Yoga for Stress, Healthy Dining Tips & ProTrain Meals | Dianne's Challenge: Fit for Wedding
What do you do when stress keeps you from working out and reaching your fitness goals? That’s what Dianne faces as she hits a plateau in week 11 of her wedding weight loss challenge as she deals with emotional, mental, and financial stress.
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Ep.8 First Time CrossFit Workout & Cutting Calories to Beat a Weight Loss Plateau | Dianne’s Challenge: Fit for Wedding
Is CrossFit helpful for weight loss? Dianne finds out in this episode of Fit for Wedding. Her personal trainer, Holly, takes her to a local CrossFit box to show her a different style of working out to help keep fitness fun and challenging to help her continue dropping weight. After meeting up to touch base, Holly gives Dianne a pair of Just Live workout pants, a gift from the company to help motivate Dianne to reach her goal weight. This episode also includes a giveaway of a $50 gift card to Watch until the end to see how to win!
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Ep. 9 17 lbs Lost! Tips to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks | Dianne's Challenge - Fit for Wedding
Only two more weeks until The Big Day! It’s time for Dianne to use some tricks to lose three more pounds in a short period of time so she can get to her goal weight for her wedding.
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Ep. 10 Before & After 20 lb. Wedding Weight Loss Transformation |Dianne's Challenge: Fit for Wedding
In this finale of Dianne’s Challenge: Fit for Wedding, you will get to see Dianne’s final weigh-in, & measurements before her wedding and see if she reached her goal of 20 lbs!
Read Dianne's Blog Article #10


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