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Exercise Puzzle Mat 1-in, 24 Sq Ft

Exercise Puzzle Mat 1-in, 24 Sq Ft Blue
Exercise Puzzle Mat 1-in, 24 Sq Ft Blue
Exercise Puzzle Mat 1-in, 24 Sq Ft Blue
Exercise Puzzle Mat 1-in, 24 Sq Ft Blue
Exercise Puzzle Mat 1-in, 24 Sq Ft Blue

The ProsourceFit Exercise Puzzle Mat 1" can convert any space into your workout haven. The 1"-inch thick interlocking foam tiles are dense and can cover 24 square feet for a comfortable workout area. Hard floors or carpets can now be covered with a thick anti-slip cushioned protective surface for high impact exercises.




Ideal for basements, garages, gyms, and playrooms, the ProsourceFit Exercise Puzzle Mat 1” is simple to assemble so you can quickly lay down protective flooring anywhere. There are 6 connecting jigsaw pieces to cover 24 square feet. Select to use a few tiles or buy multiple sets to accommodate any sized flooring you need. The mat texture reduces slipping and improves grip for safer workouts. 1-inch thick, high-density EVA foam can withstand ultra-heavy exercise equipment and is built for high impact. The 1" Exercise Puzzle Mat is the highly recommended choice for intense workout purposes, large gyms, and heavy traffic areas. All mats protect hard floors or carpet and provide cushioning for your joints. Choose from three color options for the look you want and finish off with the included end border pieces for a polished look with clean edges. If you don't need as much protection but still have heavy equipment or medium traffic, the ¾" Exercise Puzzle Mat is the best choice. If you are interested in light flooring for gentler use, our ½” Exercise Puzzle Mat is a better choice.

  • Non-slip EVA foam texture provides durable floor protection
  • Lightweight exercise flooring that's easy-to-assemble
  • Easy-to-clean, waterproof and noise-reducing
  • 24 square feet covering available when fully assembled
  • Measures 24” x 24” x 1” per tile; 6 tiles and 12 end borders



Measurements: 24"L x 24"W x 1"Thick

Material: EVA foam 

Care: Apply a combination of warm water and household or dish soap with a soft cloth or towel, and rub gently to wash. For tougher stains, use a mild laundry detergent solution. Air dry or wipe with a dry cloth.