7 Exercises to Keep Holiday Weight Off While Traveling

woman doing plank of prosourcefit yoga mat during the holidays to avoid weight gain

Adam Riemer |

There’s temptation everywhere with drinks, food and having a few holiday cookies at a party or family gathering.  Luckily staying healthy and fit over the holidays is possible (and easy), as long as you plan ahead!

Here are seven types of exercises you can do anytime, whether you’re staying at a family member's house and there isn’t much space, or just don’t want to go running in the cold. 

  • Pikes

    woman using prosourcefit core sliders in pike exercise


    A fantastic way to work your core without needing a ton of space.  By starting in a plank position and lifting your glutes to the sky, you can tighten, tone and burn some holiday fat.  Use core sliders  to make this move attainable on hardwood floor or carpet so that you can get a workout that meets your needs.

  • Mountain climbers

    woman using core sliders during mountain climbers

    A great cardio burn while tightening your core and legs.  Use with core sliders for a few sets in between planks, or doing crunches indoors. You’ll get your cardio fix without having to brave the cold weather. 

  • Lunges and squats

    Perfect for tightening and toning your legs when space is limited.  You can intensity the move by holding something heavy with your arms extended in front of you or above your head.  If you really want to increase the holiday calorie burn, raise and lower the weighted object in your hands for a full body workout. 

  • Resistance Training

    woman using prosourcefit resistance band with attached handles for arm and leg workout

    Resistance bands bring a full-body punch! You can use them for bicep and tricep curls, sculpt with leg extensions or for rows to workout all areas of your body. Even better, they can be carried in a purse or backpack! 

  • Yoga

    yogi uses prosourcefit foam yoga blocks and natura tpe yoga mat in high lunge

    Not only good for weight maintenance, the stretching and calming nature of this exercise may help alleviate holiday stress. Go to YouTube for plenty of routines that match your skill level or try these poses to energize lazy mornings

  • Planking

    Perfect way to tighten your core and also break a sweat.  You only need a space long enough for you to lay down.  This makes it an ideal way to keep holiday weight gain in check. Want more challenge? Use a weighted body vest to torch extra calories!

  • Bodyweight Moves

    Ideal for hotel rooms or tight spaces.  Use the edge of your bed to do tricep dips, and lay with your legs off the end of the bed for leg lifts.  Flutter kicks are also a great way to get your heart rate up after you finish your leg lifts. 


Now you can enjoy the holidays with a glass of wine, cookie and whatever else you enjoy when celebrating.  Just make sure you plan your workouts ahead of time to avoid holiday weight gain.  The seven exercises are a great starting point to stick to your fitness regimen over the holiday, so you can be ready for a kick-ass new year!

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