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Every girl dreams about her wedding and how beautiful she’ll look and feel in her white dress. Dianne Ward is no different, and she’s on a mission to lose 20 pounds for her wedding in November 2017.

Can you relate? Even if you’re not a bride, maybe you’re determined to get in shape for a summer vacation, a wedding, or a reunion.

Losing weight and getting healthy can be tough, but we believe it’s possible for anyone! That’s why we’re investing in our customer, Dianne, with a challenge to achieve her dream of losing weight for her wedding. We’ll share her experience with you, and challenge you to follow along with Dianne to reach your fitness goals!

The Challenge

Today, we launch Dianne’s Challenge: Fit for Wedding, which will chronicle her weight loss journey with all of its ups and downs.

For the next few months leading up to her wedding, Dianne will be working out twice per week with our in-house personal trainer, Holly Pinkham. They’ll be working out using the gym, the outdoors, and ProsourceFit equipment to show how you can workout anywhere to lose weight and get fit. Holly will also be working with Dianne’s on her nutrition and eating habits to help her lose weight in a safe, healthy way.Asian woman smiling


What You Can Expect

Every other week we’ll share Dianne’s updates on our our Fit & Healthy Blog, YouTube channel, Facebook Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to follow us on these sites to stay up-to-date on her progress and have the chance to win prizes!

We’ll be covering topics like workout routines, diet tips, emotional eating habits, getting motivated, coping with stress, wedding planning tips, and much more!

Follow hashtag #fitforwed and add your own posts with the hashtag to share your journeys. We invite you to leave comments to encourage Dianne, give fitness tips, and share your own weight loss & wedding experience!

If you want to fit into a wedding dress, look great in a bathing suit, or just want to build your confidence, then join us on this journey. We start it off now with her story…

Dianne's Story

My name is Dianne and I am determined to lose weight for my wedding in November 2017! I’m 35 years old and weigh 164 pounds, and am embarking on the journey to lose 20 pounds with ProsourceFit over the next three months!

I’ve been overweight my entire life, at one point weighing in at 184 pounds on my 5’1’’ frame - yikes!  About seven years ago I managed to get my butt into gear and lost about 40lbs with lots of running, spinning, and yoga.  I went on a diet program with a girlfriend of mine, and we did it!  We lost the weight!  I finally got the chance to know what it feels like to be a ‘skinny girl’ and be in the best shape I’d ever been in my life.   

As time passed, however, I let go of the routine that I had made part of my life.  I started indulging without moderation again. I turned to food in the midst of work stress, family health issues and obligations, financial responsibilities, and anxiety. Although I know it didn’t happen overnight, I woke up one morning and had gained back 30 pounds. How the heck did I let that happen?!

Three and a half years ago I started dating the love of my life, Dave. I’d known Dave for over 10 years. We met at film school and were friends before we become lovers.  Last year, November 2016, he proposed, and I said yes! Dave and I were on top of the world.  We shared the news with our family and friends, and the wedding planning began!  Sadly, that same night, I found out that my dad had been rushed to the hospital and had to undergo triple bypass surgery.  I went from the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows all in one night.

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It was a harsh reminder how important it is to take care of my health. I knew right away that this weight had to come off. Like all women, I want to look breathtaking on my wedding day and feel great, too! 

When I shared this with some co-workers, one friend told me about Holly Pinkham, a personal trainer he had trained with.  When I connected with Holly, I found out that she also works for ProsourceFit, a fitness equipment company. She and I agreed that to reach my goals, I needed to work out with her 2-3 times per week, on top of my own workouts. However, my financial struggles while planning a wedding, trying to buy a house, and helping to take care of a family member, made that commitment impossible.

Holly shared my story with ProsourceFit, and they cared enough about my goals to help! They offered to subsidize some of my training sessions and provide their products to use for my workouts. She and I will be working out for one hour, twice per week. Holly has been very helpful so far with pointers on good food choices and the importance of fitting in exercise, even if it’s just 20 minutes to start with. The ease of using products like resistance bands, dumbbells, and medicine balls both at the gym and home will enable me to get in those extra workouts on my own. 

The universe has given me a gift!  How awesome is it that a company is willing to invest their time and resources for me?  Opportunities like this don’t come around very often and I feel so incredibly blessed. I am optimistic that with this help, I can reach my weight loss goals, not only for my wedding day, but also for my future.  Enough with the excuses already!  It’s time to get up, get movin’ and be the change you want to see.  So, here we go...

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