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Healthy Recipes for Breast Cancer Prevention


What makes October so special? It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

ProsourceFit is joining the fight against breast cancer by donating a portion of all pink product* sales during October to The Breast Cancer Charities of America! Not only that, but they wrote a special guest blog for our customers and readers about why healthy living is so important in preventing breast cancer.

Read below for nutrition tips and some free, tasty recipes!

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Who is the Breast Cancer Charities of America?

Breast Cancer Charities of America (BCCA) exists for one reason—to eliminate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. Our central focus is on educating, empowering and encouraging all women to become proactive in preventing breast cancer and, if diagnosed, in surviving breast cancer.

A major part of accomplishing the task of prevention and survivorship is relaying the importance of physical activity and healthy eating choices.

Why Does Healthy Eating Matter?

Healthy eating is so important for breast cancer prevention/recovery because it fuels the body, providing the necessary vitamins and minerals to help build the immune system, keep you healthy, increase positive effects of treatment, and even prevent the disease. As a rule of thumb:


  • More fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains.By emphasizing these foods, you are maximizing plant nutrients.  These provide more cancer fighting compounds than any other foods. Strive for 9 servings daily.  


  • More of the right fats.  Satisfy your desire for meat by choosing fish like salmon, tuna and sardines, which are rich in Omega-3 acids.  Cook and prepare dressings with canola or olive oils, the mono-unsaturated facts.  


  • Less alcohol.Think hard about drinking habits.  No more than one alcoholic drink per day for women.  


ProsourceFit does a fantastic job of providing innovative workout ideas and ways to stay active. So what better way than to join them this October by trying these two great recipes that have proven cancer-fighting super-foods, and will support any healthy lifestyle!


    Note: Choose ingredients that are organic, no sugar added, natural, and without artificial additives, colors or flavoring


    • Add almond butter, protein powder, maple syrup, and salt to mixing bowl.
    • Stir ingredients until combined and come together to form a large ball.
    • Portion and roll into small bite-sized balls with your hands.
    • Optional: Roll in crumb-size coconut flakes or topping and press into dough. (To get crumb-size topping, first chop or grind in food processor)
    • Place in freezer for 15-30 minutes.

    Note: Seal and store in fridge for up to 1 month. Enjoy!

    Download an additional recipe and grocery list to help you in your quest to eat healthy! 

    Download Grocery List & Healthy Recipe

    - By Tristan Fernandez - Cablay, Assistant Executive Director, BCCA


    * Eligible products on our site are indicated with a pink ribbon image


    Recipe brought to you by The Breast Cancer Charities of America

    To download more healthy recipes and breast cancer resources visit:

    To donate and help us in the fight against breast cancer:


    Adam Riemer


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