ProsourceFit Givz Back in a New Way

ProsourceFit Givz Back in a New Way

Johana Hernandez |

Prosourcefit is taking it to the next level to ensure our mission of giving back to the community continues in the most credible, ethical, and transparent way. This brand has always had the earth's best interest by using eco-conscious practices and recycled packing materials. In an effort to give back to the unfortunate events happening in Ukraine, we decided to collaborate with Givz, a Shopify donation app that works by giving shoppers the option to choose over 150 charities to send their donations to.

At Prosourcefit, we have done our due diligence by using trustworthy platforms such as Charity Navigator to research the possible charities that are eligible to receive a donation from our customers. We also care about our customers and value their business so we want to carry on our relationship and protect their contribution to the community which is why we went with Givz.

Givz has also done an incredible job at ensuring brands and their customers that the donations they made are going to credible charities. The donation app uses platforms like Charity Watch to research organizations that are ideal candidates to contribute to. These organizations listed and suggested by Givz for brands to give back have proven to distribute capital effectively and to be the most prestigious organizations in the charitable sector.


How Does It Work?

Once you make a purchase (no minimum purchase required), the confirmation page will pop up where you'll be able to choose one or more of the charities listed on that same page or you can search for the one you already have in mind. Once you choose, we will distribute 10% of your subtotal to the charity of your choice. It is that simple and you're making a bigger difference than you think. 

As these events continue to rise, we plan to continue our mission of integrity by working with great resources such as Givz to optimally serve the community, support social and environmental causes around the globe and make a long-lasting positive impact. We hope you can come along with us and trust that your part will make a difference in the world.

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