Your Holiday Shopping Guide: 10 Gift Ideas for Him, 10 Gift Ideas for Her

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It seems like there’s always at least one person in your life that is impossible to shop for, right? Maybe it’s your husband that buys everything he wants, your girlfriend with particular opinions about colors and textures, or your dad whose closet is already full of more ties than he’ll ever have time to wear.

Struggle no more! We’re here to make your holiday shopping much easier this year.

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The good news is that everyone cares about their health and feeling good. Whether it’s your die-hard cross-training friend, or your mom who complains about stiff muscles, giving your friends and family the gift of health is always a win.

Here some of our top gift picks for the special man or woman in your life.

BONUS: They’re also affordable!



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ProsourceFit Speed Agility LadderSpeed Agility Ladder – $10.99 - $20.99
Support his love for football, baseball, or soccer with this speed and footwork training ladder. Lightweight and compact breakdown for simple-packing and easy travel.  

Multipurpose Olympic Barbell – $199.99

Want to see your man get ripped this year? There’s no better muscle-builder than a barbell. Our multipurpose Olympic-standard bar is great for home gyms and making him feel truly masculine.


 Weight Lifting Barbell Pad – $11.99

Save his back with a thick, protective barbell pad. He’ll appreciate not having to share the one worn out, germ-infested pad provided by his gym.


 ProsourceFit XFit Loop Resistance Bands Set for pull ups, resistance training and legs XFit Resistance Bands – $9.99 - $84.99

If you’re looking for a more practical, affordable option for a fit man, heavy duty resistance bands are the answer. Used for everything from pull-ups to power training to stretching, these multitasking bands give you some serious bang for your buck.


 ProsourceFit High Density Foam Roller for muscle recovery High Density Foam Rollers – $8.99-$18.99

If he complains about back pain, knots, or tight hamstrings, a foam roller is the perfect way to quiet the pain – and complaining. The smooth high density roller is great for men of any age.


ProsourceFit Lacrosse Massage BallLacrosse Massage Ball – $6.99

If your man hates clutter and cringes at the idea of a massage from a stranger, a lacrosse massage ball is the ideal, compact way to reduce muscle pain. Small enough to carry anywhere and get rid of deep knots. Makes a great stocking stuffer!


Ab Wheel – $9.99

Help him see a 6-pack with this simple yet effective roller. Excellent for building core & upper body strength and he’ll feel like a stud whenever he uses this classic workout tool.


ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Pull-Up BarMulti-Grip Pull-Up Bar - $29.99

One of our most popular products among men, this doorway pull-up bar has 12 different grips for various positions to sculpt the upper body and core. Perfect for home gyms and men of any age.



Not much feels manlier than tossing around a big chunk of cast iron! But it doesn’t just look cool. Kettlebells are one of the best ways to improve functional fitness and build strength which getting a cardio boost. Perfect for busy men!


ProsourceFit Exercise Puzzle Mat with interlocking tiles for protective flooring  Exercise Puzzle Mat – $23.99

Men with home gyms or a dedicated workout space will love this easy-to-assemble, durable exercise flooring. 6 tiles cover 24 square feet and can hold equipment like a bench or be used for dumbbell exercises and core workouts.




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ProsourceFit Foam Yoga BlocksFoam Yoga Blocks – $9.99

Give your yoga loving lady something she will use in all her yoga sessions. Foam yoga blocks provide stability and support in her most challenging poses. Lightweight for yogis on the go!

 ProsourceFit Printed Yoga Mats with exclusive designs Printed Yoga Mats - $21.49

Get her something as unique as she is. Most yoga mats are just plain colors – our printed mats comes in 6 beautiful styles that make fitness more fun!

ProsourceFit Ankle Weights in different colors and weights Ankle Weights - $10.99 - $21.99

A great option for ladies of any age, ankle weights are great for strengthening and toning the legs and can be used indoors or out. Soft neoprene and adjustable straps makes them super comfortable and easy to use.

Prosource Stability Exercise Ball for PilatesStability Exercise Ball – $14.99 - 16.99

A balance ball is ideal for an active woman that likes to do it all! It can be used for core and leg exercises, Pilates, stretching, and even as a desk chair.

ProsourceFit Yoga Wheel for stretching and core strengtheningYoga Wheel - $25.99

One of our biggest sellers and a popular new trend in fitness, the yoga wheel if a fun gift for any woman who wants to take her yoga practice to the next level or wants to improve her flexibility.

ProsourceFit Stackable Resistance Bands Set Stackable Resistance Bands Set – $25.99

For a busy woman that can’t always make it to the gym or travels a lot, resistance bands will help keep her fit anywhere she goes! The set of 4 weights provides endless exercise options to target the entire body. Also great for older adults or anyone rehabbing from an injury.

ProSource High Density Speckled Foam Roller - black high density foam roller | best high density foam roller | high density foam roller 36 inch  High Density Speckled Foam Rollers$9.99-$22.99

Give her the pain-reducing benefits of massage with a colorful foam roller. The speckled design comes in four sizes to meet her custom needs. She’ll love its multipurpose benefits, from myofascial release to Pilates to stretching, great for using in the comfort of home.


ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set – $19.99

Help her to relax and unwind with an Acupressure Mat. It soothes tight, achy muscles, speeds workout recovery, and improves sleep. Comes in 7 colors to suit her style.

ProsourceFit Pilates Resistance Ring  Pilates Resistance Ring - $19.75

If she’s looking for a long, lean body and tight core, a Pilates ring is just the accessory she needs. This is great for women of any age or fitness level to gently build strength and stay fit.

ProsourceFit Neoprene Dumbbells in different colorsNeoprene Dumbbells - $9.99 - $42.99

If she’s not into heavy iron and calloused hands, but wants to stay fit, give her our Neoprene Dumbbells. The comfortable, soft grip during resistance training will help her create a lean, toned physique. Available from 1 - 12 pounds, they’re ideal for any fitness level.



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