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  • Let's Make Your New Year's Resolutions a Reality!


    The start of a new year is quickly approaching, which means you’re probably thinking about what changes you want to make in your life next year. What is it for you?

    Time to dream bigger? Take actions that will make you happier? Be healthier than you were last year?

    These are admirable goals, but truth be told, none of us can do everything alone. We all need some support and motivation from like-minded community to truly succeed. If you spend any time on social media, you’ve probably seen the popular hashtag #fitfam (translation: fitness family). It’s code for those of us that love fitness in its multiple forms; it captures that sense of community that forms around a shared understanding that joy that comes from living active, healthy lives.

    ProSource Attain Your 2017 Goals with Affordable Fitness - Weighted Balls | Buy Weighted Balls

    We may love fitness for various reasons, and approach it in completely different ways, but the mutual passion connects us in some way.

    That’s what ProSource is all about. Our brand was started by two typical guys, working at unsatisfying desk jobs that were making them sedentary, stressed out, and stagnant in life. In their search for affordable and convenient ways to work out, they discovered some of the products that we now sell, like resistance bands. Their journey into fitness renewed their energy and positivity, and they found that success and happiness required – and were even a result of - physical activity and good health.

    So, ProSource was formed to help others – our #fitfam – achieve their fitness goals with affordable, yet high quality products.

    In this new year, we want to educate you even more about fitness and nutrition, motivate you, and help you reach your goals.

    Sound too sappy and lofty to be true? Here are some of the ways we helped enhance healthy, active lives in our community in 2015 through our products, blog, donations, and partnerships:


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    With hundreds of affordable products for everything from CrossFit to yoga to muscle therapy, we strive to make fitness fun and attainable. Let us help you make your new year’s resolutions a reality!

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