Best Fitness Gifts for the Holidays

holiday fitness gift guide

Kelly Ko |

Top 10 Health & Wellness Gifts for All Levels of Fitness

This holiday season, why not get your loved ones gifts of fitness and health? Check out these amazing products that can boost workouts, provide assistance for exercise newbies, speed up recovery or balance energy flow.

Acupressure Mat


prosourcefit acupressure mat and pillow set

A blissful acupressure home treatment helps create a natural and soothing healing experience. For the urban dweller, this mat promotes circulation to increase energy flow and relieve aches or pains .

Perfect for: Anyone who needs to rejuvenate and refresh

Slide Board Pro

prosourcefit slide board pro

Sliding and gliding fun that boosts athletic performance and strengthens muscles. Provides an in-home high intensity low-impact full-body workout and conveniently packaged with a pair of free booties!

Perfect for: Athletes, Fitness Lovers

High Density Foam Roller

prosourcefit high density foam roller

The classic best seller offers the perfect amount of density for self-myofascial release, soothing tight knots and sore muscles for an affordable daily treat!  

Perfect for: Muscle Building Enthusiasts, Avid Runners

Tube Resistance Bands Set with Attached Handles

prosourcefit tube resistance bands with attached handles

Transform any location into your personal gym! The lightweight resistance bands come with attached foam handles, making a perfect travel companion for a full body workout. Available in multiple resistance levels to create your ideal workout!

Perfect for: Big Booty Workout Lovers, Fitness Lovers and Beginners, Therapy Warriors

Fabric Loop Resistance Bands Set

 prosourcefit fabric loop resistance bands set

Finally, a travel friendly loop band that won't roll up during muscle strengthening and toning exercises! The new Fabric Loop Resistance Bands are comfortable and sturdy, available in 3 different resistance levels that make lower body workout personalization a breeze.

Perfect for: Big Booty Workout Lovers, Fitness Lovers

Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

prosourcefit multigrip pull up bar

A classic for shoulders arms and abs. Fits over any standard size door-frame and has multiple cushioned foam grip options that make muscle strengthening at home comfortable and easy!

Perfect for: Strength Building Lovers and Enthusiasts

Exercise Puzzle Mats

 prosourcefit exercise puzzle mat flooring

Help your loved ones transform their garage or room into a personal gym! The puzzle mats provide water resistant and shock absorbent protective flooring that double as cushion for floor exercises. Puzzle pieces are easy to assemble and remove for workout space versatility!

Perfect for: Fitness Enthusiast, Fitness Lovers, Muscle Building Enthusiasts

Stackable Resistance Bands Set

 prosourcefit stackable resistance bands set

The perfect idea of stackable magic! 14 levels of stackable resistance makes home, gym, travel or rehabilitation exercises for all fitness levels easy and convenient.

Perfect for: Big Booty Workout Lovers, Fitness Lovers and Beginners, Therapy Warriors

Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat


prosourcefit extra thick yoga and pilates mat

Colorful versatile mats that provide extra cushion and a stable non-slip surface for comfortable flows, floor exercises and stretches.

Perfect for: Fitness Enthusiasts, Yoga Lovers, Pilates Lovers

Exercise Balance Pad

prosourcefit exercise balance pad

This destabilizer develops balance and body awareness for a healthy life. Whether it is used as a core strengthener or for physical therapy, the balance pad is ideal for improving overall well-being.

Perfect for: Yoga Lovers, Pilates Lovers, Wise Fitness Enthusiasts

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