Mom-Selected and Mom-Approved Fitness Gear

Mom-Selected and Mom-Approved Fitness Gear

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There's no question about Moms and being superheroes.  And to be a superhero taking care of yourself is key.  We asked a few of our ambassadors and partners what fitness and self-care means to them and their families.

Read below to find the top picks of moms kicking butt at the gym and everywhere else! 


Kristen Callihan - @Winenotmama

    Kristen Callihan

    My favorite piece of ProsourceFit equipment are the yoga mats. They are beautiful and I love the options for different thickness.

    As a former NCAA Division I gymnast, fitness has always been a huge part of my life. Now, that I am a mom, it has taken on a different purpose.

    Working out is necessary for not only my physical health, but my mental health as well. Honestly, it makes me a better mom. I have the energy to keep up with them and also, the mindset to be present for them.  As they have gotten older, I have encouraged them to get involved in exercising with me.  I want them to see that their parents are committed to fitness and instill in them a healthy and active lifestyle.


    Rachel Ridgeway - @Ridgeseniorfitness

    rachel ridgeway

    Fitness has meant many different things to me over the years. Back when I was an athlete, staying "fit" was important so that I could perform my best in the sports I played. As a young adult, my goal was to stay as healthy and fit as possible, but my goals were definitely more aesthetic based. I loved the challenge of changing my body based on new goals I would create for myself. Now, with a little one on the way, the idea of "fitness" has once again completely changed for me. I've realized that staying fit benefits not only myself, but my growing baby as well. It keeps us both healthy and helps minimize my aches and pains during pregnancy. I truly believe regular exercise keeps me in the best possible headspace for what is to come. It calms down the stress and anxiety that can flare up in regular day to day life and keeps me grounded. I can't wait to pass my passion for fitness onto our son or daughter!

    I love using my ProsourceFit gear for myself and my senior clients! I would say my favorite piece of equipment right now (for myself) would be the fabric loop band set! I love all the different exercises you can tackle with a loop band - they really are so versatile! For my clients, I think my favorite would have to be the adjustable ankle weights. These are such a game changer for home workouts and allow me to get super creative with programming. I am always so impressed with the quality of the products I receive and am thankful to be a partner with such a great brand!


    Elena - @livelytune

    elena livelytune

    I love my ProsourceFit foam roller. I use it a lot before and after exercising. Also, as a mom of two little kids, I don’t always get a good night sleep in a comfortable position. They love to come to our bed. As much as I love to cuddle with my kids, more often than not I wake up with achy neck or back. Just a quick self massage with this roller helps so much. It’s part of my daily routine!


    Shelby - @Fitasamamabear

    shelby fit as a mamabear

    Strength bands are my all-time favorite as well as mini loops and sliders! With those, you can get killer at-home workouts as well as results for under $150.


    Lisa Kasanicky - @Azspagirls

    lisa kasanicky

    My favorite piece of equipment is the lotus yoga mat.

    We're an active family -- biking, hiking, walking our dog and tons of sports. For us though, fitness is also those spontaneous home dance parties or making funny poses on our yoga mats. Those are the moments that make fitness fun and meaningful.


    Lauren Lynn Marschel - @Lalymom

    lauren lynn marschel

    Staying healthy and fit is SO important to me! I often daydream about our future, seeing my kids graduate and get married. Staying healthy and fit is how I do my part to ensure I am around for all of it. It also helps me mentally to destress, which helps me to be more connected to my husband and kids.
    My favorite ProsourceFit item is my foam roller. It is AWESOME for reaching those deep knots and release points. I have always thought of stretching as the "dessert" after my workout "entree." The foam roller just takes it to a whole other level!


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