Must-Have Gym Equipment for Your New Years Resolutions

Must-Have Gym Equipment for Your New Years Resolutions

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The beginning of the year can be an exciting one for those with big goals, especially in fitness. It’s the time when you set out a plan, feeling the most motivated you’ll feel for the whole year, and can manifest the results. However, this time also comes with some baggage from the fitness and nutrition industry. A lot of misinformation gets spread out which can confuse many people on what is the right way to accomplish their goals.

“What’s the best diet?”

“What’s the best workout to burn the most calories?”

The answers are everywhere during this time of the year but they’re not exactly the right answers. The best diet and workout are the ones you genuinely enjoy and can stick to for sustainability, not the ones the mainstream is promoting. By following these trends, you end up yo-yo-ing your way to your goals only to go back to where you started and as a result, feel disappointed.

Your Action Plan

If you want to change this year, change for the better and make it last. Rather than chasing “secrets” to that dream body of yours, learn to build habits that carry over the long run where you don’t even feel like you’re working so hard to accomplish your goals.

For example, to get into a good workout routine, start with one day for 15-20 minutes then add another day the next week if you’re a total beginner. If you’re feeling up for the challenge, add another day that same week. If you’re not a beginner, but want to have a better workout routine, do some research on yourself to learn what kind of workouts you usually enjoy and begin implementing in your free time for at least 3 days. The more you do what you enjoy, the more likely you’ll do it again and be consistent and end up with results.

It’s also important to invest in versatile, must-have gym equipment that you can use to perform a variety of workouts, anywhere you are and still progress. We’re here to help you kill those fitness goals of yours and make them last! See below for must-have gym equipment to help you achieve those goals you’ve been working for and maintain them so you don’t have to go back to where you started. New year new equipment! 

Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat

Everyone needs a yoga mat to do any type of workout from yoga moves to Pilates to light strength training. Whether you’re heading to the gym studio, traveling and want to work out at your hotel, or simply working out at home, a yoga mat is a must-have to include in your workout regime to support you as a surface. Shop the Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat ½ inch which will provide you a non-slip and sturdy surface to do challenging yoga moves, Pilates, and dumbbell workouts. Choose from 8 colors.

Dumbbells and Kettlebells

Dumbbells and kettlebells should be a part of your workout routine because they are versatile, meaning you can do so much with them and progress, and they are portable. Looking to tone those arms and legs? Then you need to adapt to a strength training program and that’s where dumbbells and kettlebells come in hand. Sculpt arms, tone legs, and build that booty by gaining muscle through strength training. If you’re looking to burn more calories, having muscle is essential because it costs a lot of energy to maintain it. To achieve the overall “toned” look, you have to burn more calories than you consume so having muscle is one of the ways you can do that along with the right nutrition. Plus, with strength training, you strengthen your bones which can help prevent age-related diseases such as osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes. Shop our dumbbells from 1-12lbs and kettlebells from 5-45lbs. You can also try out the adjustable dumbbell and barbell sets which is even more convenient because you can switch up the weight and from a dumbbell to a barbell or vice versa within the same barbell set. These come in sets of 22lbs, 33lbs, 44lbs, and 55lbs. 

High-Density Speckled Foam Roller

You have to have some type of recovery equipment to balance out your hard work. During rest days, warm-ups, and cool-downs, you can use a foam roller to release tension from soreness and improve mobility by reducing tissue stiffness. Check out our High-Density Speckled Foam Roller which comes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Use the 12x6 for a quick rollout for your triceps and biceps while the 24x6 is a good size to massage both arms and legs from hamstrings to quadriceps to calves as well as your back.

Speed Jump Ropes

Are you into cardio but get tired of just running or you don’t have a bicycle to ride? Invest in a speed jump rope to get your cardio workout in while improving athletic performance. Not only is a jump rope versatile but it is also portable and doesn’t take much storage space. Grab a jump rope and do basic, single jumps, or double-unders if you have them, or learn new tricks and gain coordination. We carry two different types of speed jumps. Our regular speed jump ropes come in 8 colors that fit your preference while our other speed jump ropes (pictured above) come with bigger foam handles for a better grip in 4 different colors. 

Tube Resistance Bands Set with Attached Handles

Another great, convenient way to get in your strength workouts is by investing in some resistance bands! Not only are they convenient because you can take them and keep them anywhere, but they are also beginner-friendly. If you are new to strength training, this is a great way to get a resistance workout in. If you are already experienced, do not underestimate these bands as they can still give you a good burn, especially if you want to switch it up. Try out our Tube Resistance Bands Set that comes with attached handles in different colors and from 2-20lbs. Get in a total body workout with this bands set while traveling, or if you’re short on time. This is a must-have for all gym-goers.

By investing in gym equipment that can last you for a long time, you’ll be able to maintain your results and continue to progress in your physique, strength, and athletic performance without breaking the bank, and going back and forth with the latest fitness trends.



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