A Valentine's Date Idea: 30 Minute Workout For Couples

couple working out with kettlebells at gym on valentine's day

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A Valentine's Date Idea:  30 Minute Workout For Couples

Needing some ideas to get revved up for Valentine's Day? Check out the exercises below designed for couples to get sweaty together and burn some calories so you can enjoy that extra glass of wine or slice of cake for dessert.

A 30 Minute Fitness Workout For Couples

Sleighing It! (3 Sets of 5 Room Crosses or Circles Each)

This is a great way to start your workout by engaging your core, legs and upping your heart rate with cardio all at once.

man pulling woman on prosourcefit core sliders exercise

  1. Place a core slider under each foot on one side of a large room and sit into a squat
  2. Your partner stands facing you, holds your hands and pulls you across the room
  3. Switch positions and repeat 5 times. This counts as 1 set.

Bonus Option: If your room is square instead of rectangular, have fun and pull in a circle clockwise, then one counterclockwise before switching.


Leggy Lovers and Blooming Heart Cores (3 Rounds)

You’ll need to have power bandsresistance bands that can be anchored, or a weight machine with a loop attachment for your ankles. You and your partner will be doing separate exercises at the same time.

woman using prosourcefit power resistance bands for leg workout

  1. Secure the resistance band before stepping your leg through or put your leg through the loop attachment of the weight machine with the selected weight
  2. Move your leg back straight like a cupid's arrow, back to the middle, step your leg out to the side and return to starting
  3. Do this three times and then switch legs

While you are working out your legs, your partner will get into position with core sliders.

man using prosourcefit core sliders in core workout

  1. Start in a push-up position with hands on the core sliders
  2. Slide one arm out to draw a half heart, trace back to starting position
  3. Repeat on the other arm
  4. Complete this sequence 5 times

When you are both done, swap and do the other exercise.  You should each complete each exercise three times. 

Wheel Barrel Push-ups and Squats (20 times each)

This will challenge your coordination and balance control. 

man holding woman ankles for squat and inverted push up exercise

woman holding man ankles for squat and inverted push up exercise

  1. Place your hands on the ground with legs extended
  2. Your partner holds your ankles up so you're in an inverted push up position.
  3. While your partner holds your ankles, he/she does a squat. Once they hit their squat, you do an inverted push up. When the push up is complete, your partner returns to a standing position from the squat. 
  4. Continue for 20 times, then switch positions for another 20 reps

If balance is an issue for the person standing, do a leg lunge instead where one leg goes backwards and the other stays forward. 

The Trust Squat (3 sets of 20)

man and woman holding hands sitting into a squat exercise

  1. Start by holding hands and then sit backwards into an imaginary chair
  2. Lower and do a squat while holding hands so you both stay upright. If one person lets go, you will both fall backwards!

If this is too difficult, have one person stay standing and as the other person goes into a squat, they can provide the support to keep them from falling on their butt.

Jumping Squats and Burpees (3 sets of 10)

You and your partner will be doing separate exercises at the same time.

woman doing jumping squats

fit man doing burpees and push up combo exercise

  1. Get into squat position and jump up, simultaneously your partner drops down into a burpee and does 2 push-ups
  2. Repeat the jumping squats exercise until your partner is complete with theirs
  3. Once the push up is complete, swap exercises immediately
  4. Repeat until both of you have done each exercise 10 times

That's it!  If you need more intensity, ankle weights and wrist weights can be added, but be careful because many of these movements impact your significant other as well. 

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