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Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Perfect your pull-ups in the comfort of your own home with the ProSource Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar. The heavy duty bar mounts easily on cement or wood walls so you can consistently improve pull-ups, chin-ups, and increase upper body strength.
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  • Get fitter, faster, with the ProSource Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar, perfect for working out at home. Two sets of handles allow you to perform wide, hammer, and close-grip exercises so you can target your back, arm, and core muscles from a variety of angles. The heavy duty bar can be mounted on any cement or wood wall for practicing pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging sit-ups, and muscle-ups at any time. Comes with all mounting hardware and installation instructions.
    • Develops core, shoulder, arm, chest, and back muscles
    • Multi-grip design allows for various angles with both wide and close-grip options
    • Constructed out of high grade steel with maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs
    • Comes with mounting hardware and installation instructions for cement and wooden walls

  • Measurements: 19"L x 39"W x 8"H

    Distance from the wall to the bar is 12"

    Material: Steel bar, PVC grips

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