7 Best Travel Yoga Mats - Taking Your Om On The Road

woman doing handstand on prosourcefit mandala yoga mat on the beach

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Whether it's a hotel stay for work, a cruise vacation with your family, or a retreat in nature where you just want to relax, you need a travel yoga mat that matches both your needs and the place you’re visiting. That’s why we developed this guide to the best travel yoga mats.

Look below to find which option is the best travel yoga mat based on some of the most common types of travel situations:

  • Cruises
  • Flying for Business Trips
  • Hotel Stays
  • Camping/Retreats in the Woods
  • Outdoor Classes
  • Beach Trips and Vacations
  • RV Trips



ProsourceFit Original Yoga Mat Purple


Measurements:  72” x 24”

Weight:  3.55 lbs 

Cushion:   1/4”

Best features:  Compact for travel and non-slip

The best travel yoga mat for cruises needs to feature a slip-resistant surface so you can keep your balance as the ship rocks, and it must also withstand salty air.  Cabins tend to be small, so width and length should play a role in your choice.  That’s why we recommend the Original Yoga Mat for cruises. 

It is perfect for doing poses on your balcony (although you want to stay away from the edge), and you can turn your room into a mini-studio because of the width and length.  As an added bonus, if there are yoga classes on the ship, you won’t need to worry about using dirty equipment because you brought your own!


Business Trips

ProsourceFit classic yoga mat


Measurements:  72” x 24”

Weight:  2.1 lb

Cushion:  ⅛”

Best features:  Lightweight and thin 

The Classic Yoga Mat is perfect for business travelers.  It is lightweight so it won’t slow you down if you have to make a tight connection, and it is very thin making it easier to pack and store. 

Pro tip:  If your plane gets delayed and you’re stuck at an airport, unroll your mat for a relaxing meditation break instead of feeling the stress.

Hotel Rooms

ProsourceFit original yoga mat

Measurements:  68” x 24”

Weight:  3.2 lbs

Cushion:   1/4”

Best feature:  Compact for travel

The Original Yoga Mat is the best option when you’re looking to have a relaxing session in your hotel room.  Because layouts and spaces will vary, this mat is a bit shorter than most at only 68” and is 24” wide.  This makes it compact enough to easily fit in many hotel rooms for a clean and hygienic asana practice!  

Camping and Retreats in the Woods

ProsourceFit extra thick 1 inch yoga and pilates mat

Measurements:  71” x 24”

Weight:  4.5 lbs

Cushion:  1”

Best features:  1" Deluxe thickness 

The Premium 1-Inch Extra Thick 71-Inch Long High Density Exercise Yoga Mat is the thickest mat available! Although bulkier than traditional yoga mats, it adds more comfort if you’re stuck with roots or small rocks below it.  The superior thickness of this travel yoga mat also helps with impact absorption on rugged ground. 

Its moisture resistant nature also adds protection and longevity if the ground happens to be damp.  Because wooded retreats and camping may require hiking, the carrying strap creates a convenient sling so you can enjoy the hike, not struggle to keep the mat under your arms.  Cleaning dirt, leaves and debris is a breeze too - just wipe with a wet cloth! 

Outdoor Classes

ProsourceFit natura TPE yoga mat

Measurements:  72” x 24”

Weight:  2.45 lbs

Cushion:   1/4”

Best feature:  Eco Friendly; compact for travel and storage           

Outdoor classes can be unpredictable.  It could take place in an area on a slope, or on flat concrete.  The Natura TPE Yoga Mat is perfect to meet most outdoor situations.  This mat features two textured layers for superior grip and position holding which is extremely helpful if you are on a slope where keeping your balance can be tricky! 

This travel yoga mat is perfect for outdoor yoga classes! It provides the perfect blend of stability and cushioning while offering a steady surface for balance making.  If the ground is damp with morning dew or sprinklers, you won’t have to worry.  It is both moisture and odor resistant, so it can be placed on the wet ground and is easy to clean once you finish the class.


The Beach

Prosourcefit mandala yoga mat with unique design


Measurements:  72” x 24”

Weight:  2.6 lbs

Cushion:   3/16”

Best feature:  Lightweight & easy to clean

The beach provides unique situations for a yoga enthusiast.  The shoreline is uneven, and you can also find yourself on a slope.  The sand, salt water, and salty air can all play into the longevity and health of the mat.  That is why we recommend the uniquely designed Mandala Yoga Mat.

It is thick enough to provide you with comfort if you’re practicing on a wooden or cement boardwalk, and stable enough to give you balance on uneven sand.  The yoga mat is eco-friendly and made with non-toxic PVC so it is safe for the beach environment!  If the tide happens to come in and your mat gets wet, just let it air dry before rolling! 


RV Trips

 ProsourceFit extra thick yoga and pilates mat 1/2 inch


Measurements:  71” x 24”

Weight:  2.55 lbs

Cushion:  ½”

Best feature:  High quality thick mat with free yoga mat sling

Doing Yoga on RV trips can provide a challenge.  Because you’re never in the same place, you’ll need something versatile enough for uneven surfaces, thick enough to provide comfort for bumpy surfaces, compact enough to not take up too much room in your RV, and something that can be easily cleaned. 

The Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat is perfect for RV travel.  The 1/2-inch thickness is great for use on hard floors if there is a public area at the RV park, and provides cushioning from rough surfaces if you’re practicing outside.  The non-slip surface is perfect if you’re on a slope, and cleaning is simple with just a wet cloth and water.


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