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Gymnastic Hand Grips

Protect your hands and extend your workout with ProSource Gymnastic Hand Grips. These multi-tasking PU leather gym grips provide protection against callouses and rips during gymnastics, CrossFit, kettlebell workouts, and more.
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  • ProSource Gymnastic Hand Grips are a versatile cross-training accessory, functional for everything from gymnastics to CrossFit. The leather palms provide a better grip and strong protection for your hands so you can extend your workout and give it your all, without worry about ripping callouses. They are designed for both comfort and durability for repetitive swinging and lifting. Heavy duty stitching makes these hand grips long-lasting for frequent workouts, and simple Velcro straps make them easy to get on and off. Grips come in two sizes: S/M and L/XL
    • Dominate your WOD with ultimate hand and palm protection
    • Made out of PU leather that won’t stretch; specifically designed for palm protection
    • With Velcro wrist strap; unlike animal leather, PU leather will not stretch
    • Water proof and easy to clean
    • Perfect for pull-ups, rings, parallettes, toe lifts and other workouts that are tough on hands.

  • Meaurements:

    S-M: 6 3/8"L

    Fit Palm from 3" -4"

    L-XL: 7"L

    Fit Palm from 4"+

    Material: PU leather

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