How to Create a Home Cross-Training Gym For Less Than $350

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How to Create a Home Cross-training Gym For Less Than $350

If time is tight and making it to your gym for a cross-training session is not an option, you can still easily and affordably get the same workout at home.  Setting up a personal cross-training gym is easy and can be done for under $350 (prices as of today) and with only 5 pieces of equipment.  It’s a matter of maximizing workout potential by choosing versatile gear. 

How to design your own cross-training gym for under $350

You will need:

1 wall mounted pull-up bar – 39.99 (you can opt for the less expensive doorway options)

ProsourceFit Wall Mounted Pullup Bar
2 kettlebells - $14 - $53 each

ProsourceFit cast iron kettlebell
1 jump box - $99

ProsourceFit plyometric jump box
1 speed jump rope - $7.99

ProsourceFit speed jump rope
1 set of gymnastic rings - $35

ProsourceFit fitness gymnastics rings


    These five items give you the versatility to design enough unique WODs to keep you motivated, moving and bursting through plateaus.  Not sure how? 

    Here are two WODs to get you started coming up with your own ideas for full impact sessions.  The first one is a quick WOD at home for when time is tight and the other will take you a solid hour to complete.  Its perfect for snow days and when your regular gym is closed. 

    WOD 1 – Speed and Strength – repeat this series three times

    3 Minute Jump Rope Bursts

    • Minute 1 – High speed jumps
    • Minute 2 – Paced double jumps with the rope rotating backwards
    • Minute 3 – Side to side jumping at full velocity

    10 Kettlebell Squat Ups

    1. Start in a squat position holding a kettlebell or dumbbell in each hand by your shoulders.
    2. Extend up and step up on the jump box
    3. Now extend the weight upward and lower back down
    4. Step down off the box and return to a squat

    Woman holding kettlebell in each hand working out at gym

    5 rounds of Jump Rope Burpees and Pull-ups

    • 30 seconds of double under pass jumps
    • 5 burpees with a clapping pushup and one jump with the jump rope
    • 10 pull ups

    WOD 2 – Core and Control – Repeat this series three times

    20 Lifts and Lunges

    1. Place your kettlebells in front of your jump box.
    2. Squat and lift them while stepping up onto the box.
    3. Set them on the box and carefully do 20 lunges backwards.
    4. While standing up on the box, squat and pick the kettlebells, then carefully step down.

    Man with kettlebell cross-training workout

    The Ab and Core Killer

    This is a combination of core exercises for your abs and core which can also help with body control.

    1. Sit on your jump box in the center and have your kettlebell next to you.
    2. Do 50 v-up sit-ups with your kettlebell in your hands and extend it upwards as you lift.
    3. Keep your legs elevated in front of you after the last v-up and do twists with the kettle bell so it taps both the right and left side of the gym 20 times each.
    4. Hold the Kettlebell in both hands with your arms extended upwards to do tricep curls while keeping your legs elevated in front of you.
    5. Set the kettle bell down, let your legs relax and do 50 more sit ups with your chest and upper abs.

    Arms & Inversions

    • 20 gymnastic ring dips
    • 10 iron cross hangs dips
    • 20 burpees

    Go to the jump box for inverted push-ups, place arms in plank position on the floor with feet on the box. 

    Woman doing inverted plank on ProsourceFit plyometric jump box in gym

    • Starting in a plank with your elbows and forearms on the floor and then lift up to your hands one at a time so you’re in a push up position.
    • Use your hands to climb up onto the kettlebells handles so you are now ready to do a push up.
    • Do a slow push-up.
    • Now carefully go from the kettlebells to the floor and back to your plank.
    • Repeat 10 times from an inverted plank to the climb to the push-up.

    With a bit of creativity and these 5 pieces of fitness equipment you can easily create your own Cross-training gym at home.  The best part is it costs less than $350 (depending on how many kettlebells you buy and if you opt for a wall mounted chin up bar).  If you have a favorite at home WOD that uses these 5 pieces of gear, feel free to share it below in the comments. 

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