Exercises that Reduce Men's Health Risks

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Exercises that Reduce Men’s Health Risks

In honor of men’s health month, we want to shed light on how physical exercise plays a big role in prevention and management of some of the top health risks for men. Although any form of physical activity benefits the body, there are specific exercises that help certain health risks more than others.   It’s never too early to start taking care of your body, so even if you are under 40 and feeling healthy, start by incorporating regular exercise into your lifestyle to reap its amazing benefits!

Please always consult your licensed medical advisor before attempting any physical activity or treatment for yourself, we are not licensed to provide medical advice.


Cardiovascular Disease Aerobic Exercise

Jump Rope

Ankle Weights

Weighted Gloves

Helps reduce main causes of heart disease:

Lowers blood pressure and blood glucose levels, improves cholesterol levels and aids in weight management



Any physical activity

During & After Treatment:

Weight Training

Wooden Balance Board

Exercise Balance Pad

Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

Medicine Balls

Resistance Bands


Prevents the disease by lowering risks of aggressive prostate cancer and risks of prostate cancer death

Prevents osteoporosis (a common side effect from treatment), boosts muscle strength/endurance, reduces anxiety and fatigue

Depression & Suicide

Any physical activity

Core Sliders

Trekking Poles

Extra Thick Yoga & Pilates Mat

Agility Ladder

Uplifts moods by changing levels of feel good chemicals in the brain

Additional benefits include improved fitness, better sleeping patterns, increased energy levels, and aids in blocking negative thoughts 


Aerobic Exercise


Strength Training

Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebells

Jump Rope

Gymnastic Rings

Aerobic exercise helps the body use insulin better while making the heart and bones strong

Strength Training increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin, lowers blood glucose levels, maintains & builds strong muscles and bones, reducing risks of osteoporosis and bone fractures

Source: WebMD's 6 Top Health Threats to Men 

Cardiovascular Disease

The usual culprits are high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, and smoking; but diabetes, physical inactivity and excessive alcohol use can also increase the risk for heart disease. Regular exercise, especially aerobic exercise directly impact those factors and promote feelings of well-being, helping lower the chances of getting heart disease tremendously.

Cardio doesn’t have to be boring or repetitive. Tap into your inner child with a Jump Rope so exercising won't feel like a chore! If you prefer walking and jogging, jazz it up with Ankle WeightsWeighted Gloves or check out these fun cardio exercise tips for heart health.

Prostate Cancer

mens health month prosourcefit blog_exercise prevents prostate cancer statistics

All kinds of physical activity are beneficial in prostate cancer prevention, but during treatment or recovery, weight training in particular can help prevent bone loss, a common side effect from therapy. You don’t need a gym membership to start, try these pieces of equipment in the comforts of your home to get moving or begin weight training:

Wooden Balance Board

prosourcefit wooden balance board

Exercise Balance Pad

prosourcefit exercise balance pad

Vinyl Coated Cast Iron Kettlebells


Slam Balls

prosourcefit classic slam ball


Tube Resistance Bands w/ Handles

prosourcefit tube resistance band with handles

Depression & Suicide

Studies show that regular physical activity can help prevent or manage mild depression improving mood and reducing anxiety. The release of endorphins and serotonin help energize your spirits, release stress and make you feel good. Don’t fret, physical activity doesn’t have to be intense and long for it to count.

Here’s some fun things to try when you start to feel your mood shift:

  • Get sliding with Core Sliders on any surface for a full-body or core strengthening workout
  • Grab a friend and go hiking to soak in the beautiful scenery. Just beginning? Use Trekking Poles for support!
  • Roll out an Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat to get the blood and energy flowing
  • Channel your inner athlete with an Agility Ladder, here’s 5 exercises to try:


This Scissors drill works out your calf muscles and is great way to enhance your speed and agility

prosourcefit mens health month blog_scissors agility ladder drill

  1. Start with your foot inside the first square
  2. Jump and bring your other foot forward, switching your foot inside the square.  If your right foot is in the first square, you then jump and land with your left foot inside that space and your right foot on the outside
  3. Repeat until each square has been used

Jumping Jack Feet

Jumping Jack Feet helps improve your coordination, because you have to make your movements precise.

prosourcefit mens health month blog_jumping jack feet agility ladder drill

  1. Start with both feet inside the square
  2. Jump and land with both feet outside the next square with your legs spread  
  3. Repeat up the ladder

Icky Shuffle

The Icky shuffle is a great way to improve lower body quickness and agility.

prosourcefit mens health month blog_jumping icky shuffle agility ladder drill

  1. Start with your right foot in the first square
  2. Put your left foot in the first square and move your right foot outside of the second square
  3. Move your left foot to the second square with the right following after.  It will look like this: left foot in, right foot in, left foot out, right foot in, left foot out.  You will be moving forward and side-by-side

To make this more difficult, add your stick in your hand.  Try to switch hands as many times as possible throughout the duration of the ladder.

5 Hops & Run

5 Hops & Run is a great footwork, quickness, and speed training drill.

prosourcefit mens health month blog_5 hops and run agility ladder drill

  1. Quickly hop in the first five squares
  2. On the fifth square, land with both of your feet
  3. Quickly run through the rest of the agility ladder


Carioca works on your hip mobility which increases your ability to change direction.

prosourcefit mens health month blog_carioca agility ladder drill

  1. Stand on the left side of the agility ladder
  2. Step sideways with your right foot into the first square
  3. Cross-step your left foot behind your right foot into the second box
  4. Step right foot behind the left into the third box
  5. Cross-step left foot into the fourth box in front of your right foot
  6. Continue the alternate foot movements laterally across the ladder facing one direction
  7. Repeat in the opposite direction

By taking action the minute you have a warning, you may be able to bring up your feel good endorphins and serotonin levels to help achieve a more positive and relaxed state of well-being.

Type 2 Diabetes

Being overweight and obesity are the main reasons for Type 2 diabetes, but this can be prevented, managed and reverted with dietary adjustments and regular exercise. The combination of aerobic exercise and strength training go hand in hand with prevention and management.  

Aerobic exercise trains your body to use insulin better and strength training tunes your body into being more sensitive to insulin and can lower blood glucose. It helps maintain and build strong muscles and bones, reducing your risk for osteoporosis and bone fractures.  The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn – even when your body is at rest.

Here’s how to create your own cross-training gym for fun combinations of aerobic exercise and strength training at home!  

If cross-training is too advanced, try these fun alternatives you can do with your significant other that will help you work on building a healthier life together!









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